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I posted a pike list a while ago, I was not too happy with it though because I don't like having to get lands, or really getting any new cards anymore. I don't play often enough for it to be worth it. I thought up this list though, and I like it because it has ninjas.

Withdraw would be wrong for me not to use, as I suggest it every time someone posts a ninja deck :P Arcane denial is because I love it and gives extra thopters something to do, and I think the rest is self-explainatory.

Phantasmal Bear might be better than Delver of Secrets, if you're going to be returning him often anyway. Plus then you can scrap Ponder, which only seems very useful for setting up Delver. In your deck Delver only has a third of a chance of flipping on his own also.

I think Snap is better than Withdraw in Ninjas. Lets you pay for your Ninja of the Deep Hours or whatever else you want to that turn.

I don't really like Arcane Denial here, but it's not the worst either, with all your one drops.

The one Fathom Seer is really cool though.

Also if you plan on keeping Delver then use Brainstorm over Ponder. You can cast it during your opponent's turn or after your untap step, and in garuntees you a flipped Delver basically.
I am not too big on the bear because of his lack of evasion, and I like ponder for pike fuel anyway, but I might end up returning him a lot, so I think i'll test for that. As for the snap/withdraw thing, I like how withdraw can work as Undo, I am using all my snaps already, and I suggest withdraw with these kinds of decks enough where I want to try using it for myself.

Arcane Denial i'll probably end up cutting, I just have a burning love for it. Same with the fathom seer actually :3

It also occurs to me that mistblade shinobi is not great here, since I get my guys through by using bounce and if I bounce their guys to get through he will not have any targets, so maybe 4 is wrong, 2-3 might be better. I could also use Artful Dodge which likes my thought scouring.

There are other cards I can use too, like Muddle the Mixture / Condescend / Serum Visions / Distortion Strike and all sorts of crazy stuff

In a Pike deck I'd use Shadow Rift over Artful Dodge. Artful Dodge is only at its best if you flash it back, and then it's exiled.

Also being a 2/2 on turn one is pretty evasive, I mean not much is going to block it. You also have the Ornithropter. Delver is fine, but like I said, if you run Delver then Brainstorm is probably preferable to Ponder.

Muddle the Mixture seems fine. It can fetch Pike, Counterspell, and Seer. I'm not sure I'd play Condescend in Ninjas though.

I think I am actually going to use Snap instead of the vapor snags in here, because I think I will end up bouncing my own guys often enough, and the snags will work fine in the other deck. I will also cut the denials and one mistblade, I have a single shadow rift I can throw in, and I'll think on what I want instead for the last two slots.
If you're looking for an effect to fill slots with, try Inaction Injunction, Enervate, or Crippling Chill. You could also try out Cryptic Command if you have some, or perhaps a couple Forbid since it makes a solid soft lock with a Ninja of the Deep down (that feels dirty now that I think about it).
Necro-time! I think I can handle my issue of unevasive ninjas with Wingcrafter, which is also a one-drop to help them get in early.

The 2-of creature slot I am very unsure of, I kinda want it to work well with the crafter to make it more relevant, but at the same time the seer had nice synergy with the ninjas which was great.
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