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Hey there, I am relatively new to DMing and I have noticed that my players take to interacting with the terrain a lot. So now I am going to start incorporating engaging terrain into most or all battles/scenes for them to toy with. I only have a few ideas and figured a nice list would be cool to have. Here are some of the ones I've thought of (some aren't as original and unique as others):

Ballista - used by an enemy/broken and needs repair; grants a twice per encounter power dealing medium damage for the APL.

Hanging Lanterns - can be cut down with ranged attack; deals weak damage for APL in close burst 1.

I'll post more as I think, currently it's bedtime and typing on the phone in a half-slumbering state is not working out.

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Traps. Many, many sweet traps. The best thing about traps is that they can be used by the group against monsters if caught early enough.

Multiple levels. There are many cases of smaller towers with multiple levels. Defend the tower and with each failure retreat a level until there is a big showdown on the top.

Holes in the floor. In my last session a player was standing with his back to one and decided to grab onto the evildoer in front of him, to prevent from being pushed into the hole. He didn't count on the evildoer jumping into the hole with him attached though...

Broken down houses and towers. Hard to get to the next level, you can break down walls...

Bar fights using stools and casks and mugs and gnomes as projectiles.

Curtains, tables, fires, cooking pots, gongs, levers, braziers, locks, locked chests, ropes.
There are 145 entries in the online Compendium's "terrain" category.  You might take a look there for inspiration too.  Also, the DMG1 p. 60 and following and the DMG2 p. 58 and following have nice discussions.
One Inch Square's index of official fantastic terrain:

All their articles on terrain: oneinchsquare.net/tag/fantastic-terrain/
This one was a fan favorite in one of my games. It was in a scene that took place in a luxurious "Persian" style hotel/inn with an efreet and an imp. I think it was around 18th-level, so adjust DCs, etc. accordingly.

An overlarge hookah dominates the table in the center of the plush chamber, its velvet-covered hoses snaking off in all directions. A perfume-like smoke rises from a burning coal in a bowl at its top.
Minor Action (Encounter)
Check: While adjacent to the table on which the hookah rests, you grab a pipe and hit it like back in the day. Make an Endurance check (DC 23).
Success: Good times. You gain 15 temporary hit points and an extra standard action on this turn.
Fail: You choke and are dazed until the end of your next turn. Everyone thinks you’re lame.
Effect: You get the munchies like it’s your job. You can retrieve and use consumables as a single minor action (as opposed to minor-minor) until the end of the encounter.

I like terrain powers a lot. I try to put one in every encounter.

For any decision or adjudication, ask yourself, "Is this going to be fun for everyone?" and "Is this going to lead to the creation of an exciting, memorable story?"

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On the note of Ballista, here is an encounter I made based around the idea of ballistas. It was also a battle to make the defender of the party feel all warm & fuzzy, and the assassin to a lesser degree. I've trimmed out most of the encounter & just left the interesting terrain bit for you

Read Aloud: Small outcrops of rock jut out like miniature foothills. You can see that there is a cave in this minor mountain, and it is guarded by a number of bow- and ballista-wielding humans. You can barely make them out but they seem more muscular & heavily built than the scouts you previously encountered. There is a switch-back that leads up to the cave which is open & exposed to the archers. The more perceptive of the group also notice what may be an alternative path; a rock strewn crevice that goes up the cliff that could take someone stealthy behind the enemies lines.

A rope ladder is balled up at the top of the cliff next to the large ballista stationed outside the cave- clearly the short-cut to avoid the long climb for the Gulg people. It has been drawn up though to prevent would be invaders from taking the same route.

Ballista Platform Lvl 1 (elite) XP 200
A massive crossbow manned by 3 simple-minded looking fellows. These platforms hurl spear-sized bolts at foes.
Initiate: Equal to the crew
AC 5 Fort 10 Reflex 5 HP: 60
Special Each crewmember can use their standard action to reload or to use the “Release!” Attack
Release! Standard Action – Basic Ranged Attack
Target: One Creature Range: 30
Attack: +12 vs Reflex
Hit: 1d4 + 7 damage
A character can attack a crewmember. If the PCs kill two crewmembers, that ballista can fire only every other round. If the PCs kill all three crewmembers, that platform is effectively disabled, although they could fire the ballista themselves.

So the terrain was a switchback (1 square wide mostly) that lead to a flat area large enough for the ballista & a few enemies. The PCs could either be stealthy up the "back way" avoiding the ballista, or go through the gaunlet getting attacked by the ballista  and a few guards as well. The defender could absorb the damage & feel special because it was only 1 square wide.

It was my first attempt at something like that, so I am sure there are plenty of ways to polish it!
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