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This is a pretty good deck my buddy has one very similar an he does alright, well except against me an my Wright Stuff Bant deck... but as far as spells, Mutilate, Rolling Temblor, and Bonfire (if you can afford it) or Mizzium Mortars, are all good removal spells for Board Wipes when you need them in this deck. even if it is just sideboard. I'm not the biggest fan of Ultimate Price, I'm sure there are better options for mainboard out there then that. But it could be a great sideboard card. 
Yeah I wasnt so sure about Ultimate Price either. I probably will go with Mutilate over anything. I wanna keep the cars black for Vampire Nocturnus. But i might throw in a few bonfires
True, I would also suggest, duress or appetite for brains, to help your game against control matchups where you will be behind. As they can remove threats to your deck while still helping your Nocturnus out. 
Yeah. I will have them in the sideboard which I also need help with. Also, the Ultimate Prices will become tragic slips for sure. Somehow I forgot about that card
yes Tragic slip could be really good here as well. as for sideboard I would run 
3x duress
3x appetite for brains
4x mutilate
2x rolling temblor
2x murder 
1x olivia voldaren

just off the top of my head.  
Yeah I'm liking the looks of that sb. I will probably use something similar, if not that one
LOL well thanks! I just think if your going to run Vamps your going to need to have ways to deal with Bant... which I personally feel is your weakest match up, just check out my thread below Wright Stuff Bant so you will have an idea of what kind of deck you will be up against (I have seen a number of different Bant versions, but the one I built has been the most devastating one I have seen so far, an when the metagame catches up it will be played lots) I seriously had some people start nervous twitching or almost crying, it was that mean. Obviously I wont' always play it for FNM's cause that is just not cool, but anytime I need to be competitive.. I'm rolling with that beast! 
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