Black/Red Vampires. (How do I deal with American control?)

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So I've been working on a Black/Red vmapire deck with a good amount of burn and destory creature in it, however I've been having a lot of problems lately with cotnrol decks ( I havne't fought any but I know I will). With supreme verdicts and an insane amount of counter-spell and destroy all creatures I know that I need to figure out some way of beating it.

I've seen American control run usually with only about 6 creatures and a couple Jace's so I'm not so worried about that (Might just throw in some dreadbore's). But with the other deck whiping out all creatures what should I do to keep my swing going? Should I just side-board a ton of burn?
Forgive me, I wrote that on my phone; I am home now. Let me rephrase. I am running a red and black vampire deck with a heavy-burn spell count. It relies on vampires pumping vampires and a good amoutn of flying tokens being spit out using the lord of lineage. Now the issue I am hitting with control decks (mainly American-control) is the amount of counter spell and board-wipes they are packing. From Terminuses, Supreme verdicts, and bonfire of the damned it's obvious that this deck is made for killing aggro decks.

What I want to know is how I can counter all the board-wipe with the aggro deck I am runnin; IE black and red spells. Or do you think it's all about playing smart? Just keeping one or two creatures out to prick down their health which will force them to destroy only a couple creatures?
I like how the deck has run so far. Down at FNM, it's destroyed every human deck and hasn't been killed by aombies once, infact everytime I fight zombies I win.
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Posting, or briefly explaining your deck would be a good start. Other than that, Cavern of Souls will largely solve the counter spell issue for you (assuming you are running heavy creature tribal). Supreme Verdict and Bonfire are a bit of an issue if you are locked in BR, although Falkenrath Aristocrat dodges. Terminus is really annoying, and there aren't a lot of reasonable answers to it within BR. Golgari Charm is a great way to answer a lot of non-Terminus threats (like Verdict) from popular W/x decks (UW control, white tokens, maybe the occasional enchant-heavy deck), but requires at least splashing green, and thus an investment in more dual-lands.
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My deck is as follows to help you guys out...

x4 Vampire Nighthawk
x4 Stromkirk Captain
x4 Pillar of Flame
x4 Brimstone volley
x2 Bloodcrazed Neonate
x3 Ultimate price
x3 Rakish Heir
x2 Falkenrath Marauders
x4 Bloodline Keeper
x2 Geistflame
x4 Stromkirk Noble


x8 Mountain
x8 Swamp
x2 Dragonskull Summit
x2 Blood crypt
x3 Rakdos Guildgate


x4 bump in the night
x4 Blood artist
x4 Skeletal grimace
x3 Searing spear

Now I am going to be adding in more dual-lands, and I will be replacing ultimate price with dreadbore and perhaps add some murder.

Does this help? :3
If you know your opponent has mass creature removal, just don't play all your creatures and leave some in hand? Worked when there was Wrath of God and Damnation back then, will still work now.
If you know your opponent has mass creature removal, just don't play all your creatures and leave some in hand? Worked when there was Wrath of God and Damnation back then, will still work now.

this. To beat a control deck, you have to be prepared to beat it. Otherwise, you won't beat it. Sever the Bloodline, Dreadbore are both decent against the Murica deck that won SCG this past weekend. Ultimate Price is decent removal as well.


Slaughter games naming entreat the angels seems to go  a long way.. I'm interested in  seeing what other wincons the america-control will use next.. (I bet its Tamiyo emblem + pillar of flame derp  )

But it's anyway important to remember to not empty your hand to the board, in order to avoid losing to a single sweeper. In my opinion running rakdos keyrune is also a pretty good idea, considering  it dodges pillar of flame, terminus, supreme verdict. Still gets hit by Tamiyo, detention sphere and azorius charm though at least.

I'm not sure if I would want to run blasphemous act  to sweep the angels, might also be good against the various GW-beef decks.  
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^ Yeah, you could try running Slaughter Games and just naming whatever card is giving you the most trouble, be it Terminus, Entreat, whatever. 
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