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This is a Green/Blue/Black control deck centered around the planeswalkers [CARD]Garruk Relentless[/CARD], [CARD]Tamiyo, the Moon Sage[/CARD], [CARD]Vraska the Unseen[/CARD], and [CARD]Liliana of the Veil[/CARD]. This is a deck that I find VERY fun to play with.

The goal is to:

  1. Control the board through Garruk's tokens, Tamiyo's tapping, Vraska's destruction, Liliana's sacrificing, Nighthawk's blocking, and kill spells.

  2. Play out of the graveyard and mold my hand with Liliana's discard, Tamiyo's drawing, various filters, and recurring lost 'walkers or pulling cards out the 'yard with Treasured Find.

  3. Grind the game out, restoring/building my life total with Vampire Nighthawk and Deathrite Shaman while tearing down my opponent's with the same cards.

  4. Win through a slow depletion of my opponent's life, token beating, or Vraska's assassin tokens (Blustersquall gets them through while also stallling)

The sideboard needs to help the deck not completely fold to other decks, Blood Crypt, [CARD]Tormod's Crypt[/CARD], and [CARD]Pillar of Flame[/CARD] are meant to help stave off zombies while [CARD]Tragic Slip[/CARD] and [CARD]murder[/CARD] optimize my effectiveness against creature based decks. Golgari Charm is for staving off Rest in Peace and saving my feild from Bonfire of the Damned or other board wipes. Memory's Journey is to rescue a few choice cards from Tormod's Crypt. This deck has shown that it has enough filtering and recursion to find my two-ofs (one game I went down to about 12 cards in my library!).

This is deck slowed an explosive GW token/populate deck to a crawl and may be something worth looking into, even if it's not tier 1. Thoughts?

I'm going to start off by saying I hate super friends and I think that it has its own special place in deck building hell; that being said you do not have enough creatures to make golgari charm a mainboard option for countering board wipes and stuff long those ends, even with the wolves you get from garruk its not enough to justify putting it in the mainboard, on that same note putting it in for rest in peace is again not a good enough reason to mainboard it, most decks are not going to run rest in peace because it screws up their own graveyard play and if they do you can just bring golgari charm in from your SB to counter it.

blustersqual would be better replaced with an unsummon, Cyclonic Rift or a kill spell from black, taping a creature for 1 turn doesn't really punish them for attacking you or a planeswalker you control, in this type of deck it would be better if you could make them waste time by resummoning their creatures rather than just tapping them.

I would take mulch out, there are better spells for getting land out there, put in a Gatecreeper Vine that way you get a chump blocker and a land for 2mana, not to mention your not accidentally throwing away important planeswalkers and spells.

I would also get rid of forbidden alchemy as well (more of a personal preference, it is probably fine in this deck), I think it would be better replaced by sign in blood; 2 cards for 2 life is a nice exchange, Im not a big fan of forbidden alchemy because you throw away cards and you have to waste resources and time to recover cards you might want from your graveyard. forbidden alchemy works better in a deck that has a reason for specific cards being in a graveyard like reanimation decks or decks that use runechanter's pike, this isn't really one of those decks.

also deathrite shaman probably would have problems working completely in this deck, you do not have enough kills spells to ensure that there is always going to be a body for him to exile so that you can gain 2 life, maybe its not a problem, its more a of a concern to keep in mind while testing the  deck.

you might also want to try adding some of the keyrunes into this deck, there a good source of ramp and golgari keyrune can kill big creatures if they deside to attack.

lastly I think you should ditch the spells like treasured find and memory's journey for more draw spells, its better to draw into new planeswalkers and spells instead of relying on the ones in your graveyard, especially with all the graveyard hate out there right now.
I think you may be in the wrong colors for this deck. You should probably look at going Junk for better mana and Lingering Souls. Sorin is a good option as well, if you choose to go those colors. I think you definitely want some Keyrunes and/or Farseek in the build, as well as Thragtusk.

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I updated the list in the OP, it's been testing very well but it usually doesn't do much until turn 3, any suggestions?
The first turn 3 shouldn't be too much of a problem in the upcoming meta game most likely, rush is still going to be a deck, but probably not as strong as it used to be, a slower deck like this should have enough time to become functional. if they are rush, then just sideboard in your kill spells, if you want an early game wall use fog bank or gatecreeper vine, I would replace the murders in the sideboard with unsummon, its early game cheap, instant and kills the enemies tempo, murder is too expensive, if you want a good 3 mana kill spell go for tribute to hunger gains you life and kills hexproof guys, not to mention easier to splash.
Ulvenwald Tracker does nasty things with nighthawk and garruk. I also see no reason not to include Jace 4. At worst he acts as the meat shield who drew you 2 cards


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