Tutor Construct

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from my Kave
putting it here, too, in hopes of getting more feedback

Tutor Construct
Artifact Creature - Construct
Level up                                      2/2
Level 1-3                                        3/3
Level 4+  When Tutor Construct dies,
                you may move its level counters
                onto target creature you control
                with level up.                  4/4

-- thought about letting you distribute the level counters among any number of your creatures, but i want the costs on this guy to be super cheap, and don't think i can justify that if you can level up multiple guys after he dies
-- obvious point is to get a a maxed out creature with heavy level cost ( Brimstone Mage , Hedron-Field Purists , Kabira Vindicator ) at a more reasonable cost through the combo, ideally making those guys more playable