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Title pretty much says it all new to game and need some good advice on buuilding a deck. I also was curious if there were any deck building tools out there that could help reccomend cards to compliment cards I might happen to like? I plan on starting as casual till I learn more of the game but would like to have something to work with when I move to the Friday night matches.
I suggest having alook around this section for decks that interest you that you could build on a budget since it would be your first deck. There are also sites that list big tournaments and the decks that were used so you could check those and look for cards that seem to be a core part of the deck and build around those cards.

You could always wait till the new event decks come out and upgrade that giving you a good core to build around. There is also the Deck Builders Toolkit 2013 which is ok if you want to build a deck with good tips about the game and how to build.

Then once you have a list you can always retunr here for people to give you advice and tips.


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