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With all the talk and speculation (and some Amazon confirmation) of first and second edition releases, what are the odd of seeing new AD&D material?

I think it's great that these old books (note, mostly rulebooks) are being published, but it would be great to see some new shared experience materials (ie, adventures) come out that are written with an AD&D 'feel'. 

Any thoughts, opinions, speculation?    
While they are reprinting some of the old module runs, some new 1E/2E modules, or 4E modules in that style, would be awesome.

Just roll some dice.



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I don't know what took them so long and I don't care, I'm just glad they are reprinting these books and frankly I'm buying everything they are reprinting without hesitation at this point because I just want to support the hell out of it.

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I would love to give Wotc my money, but, alas I already own all that's being reprinted. For my case, it's a situation where I can't decently buy only reprints.
my only wish is that they would print them as PDF or other book format.  I know I could get the books in that format currently - but I prefer to do it in a way that supports the game. 
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