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I am considering buying a fat pack to start to play magic the gathering, i played before some other card games like yugioh, but i am looking forward to mtg. Considering the current fat packs, i was wondering if they are coloured base?(i mean the 2 decks inside and boosters), and what other differences come with the fat packs. Also if you can give me some information for a newcomer to this card game, would apreciate it. Thanks
it's completely random, a Fat Pack is simply 9 boosters and some land

buying boosters just to get cards is a bad idea, it's much cheaper to buy the cards you want as singles or if you want a large collection fast buy playsets of common/uncomms (runs you about $20-40 per set, so for $100-200 currently you can get a playset of every common and uncommon in Standard right now)

if you want prebuilt decks check out the duel decks (if you don't plan on playing tournaments) or the Event Decks (if you do plan on playing Standard tournaments), but with the Event Decks be careful because of the rotation, many of them have been destroyed by that
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what about the intro pack? Well i guess i want to play in tournaments eventually.I misread the fat pack(thought that the 2 deck boxes, were 2 premade decks not boxes,thanks for clearing it up). I want something for starters, and which after that i can improve to maybe play some local tournaments.
the Intro Decks are badly built, but because of the 2 boosters in them not that bad value
they will not serve as a basis for a tournament deck, they are simply too bad for that, they are built to highlight mechanics, not to win

for starters as I said I recommend Duel Decks or Event Decks
Duel Decks has 2 decks in them, they are tuned to be played against each other and has older cards in them
Event Decks are built to play in tournaments, they are competitive enough to stand a chance at your local FNM (depending on your meta, of course) and come with tips to improve them further

right now Event Decks are in a bit of a bad spot because of the rotation, best to wait for the 2 from RTR that come out later this month
if you can't wait check out the "Sweet Revenge" deck from M13, that mostly survived the rotation and just needs minor adjustments to be Standard legal again
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Unfortunately at my local shop there are 2 event decks only(for now):Gleeful Flames and Spiraling Doom, I'm incliding towards gleeful flames and also i think ill buy 2 m13 boosters. Would that be a good start?Sorry if i ask too much
Gleeful Flames could be saved for Standard once you are ready to enter tournaments
"Red Deck Wins" is always a solid budget option for tournaments
however most of the "money cards" in it are no longer Standard legal, so it will probably be cheaper to build it from scratch anyway

Spiraling Doom is worse, because it loses its key card: Birthing Pod
so don't get that one
proud member of the 2011 community team this is what my local store has in his inventory(some of them are out of stock) but if i were to order from another city, i would just pay a fee from which i could buy atleast 1 booster. So it's in my interest to buy from my local store. If you have any other suggestion, please let me know. But up until now you've been a big help, thank you very much:D.
try finding online shops that send to .ro
those are usually cheaper ;)
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The site that i posted has the cheapest event decks form romania.Not big difference but still, the event desks there are 99 "lei", and on other romanian sites (with more event desks) it's 120"lei"+ around 20 "lei" for transportation. And ordering for abroad in romania it's hard and pretty expensive believe me, and also on the prices are just about the same, considering the fact that 1 $ = 3.5 "lei".
what if i buy a Dark Ascension Intro pack(or any other intro pack)  that already has a booster along with 2 other booster, will i be able to make a decent deck , that can be as good as an event deck?
If you're unable to wait I suggest getting a Deckbuilders toolkit 2013. Should be able to build a okish deck and its Fun to see what you get. Other than that Wait for the new event decks.


what if i buy a Dark Ascension Intro pack(or any other intro pack)  that already has a booster along with 2 other booster, will i be able to make a decent deck , that can be as good as an event deck?

only if you are extremely lucky
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so from what ive read, i think i'm gonna buy spiraling doom and gleeful flames(cause my girlfriend wants to kick my ass). I'm gonna get spiraling doom+ 2 extra booster, and ill give her gleeful flames(ill keep the event format when i play with her), and ill try to upgrade my deck by participating on fnm and seeing how my deck is performing:D. Thanks for all your advices, great community :D. Have a nice day.
keep in mind you do have to modify it to take it to FNM
it is not standard legal out of the box (anymore)
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For my surprise when i got to my local shop there was a sweet revenge event deck that wasn't on the online list, and i bought one, along with a booster in which i found:knight of infamy,ring of valkas,tormod's crypt and sphinx of uthuun. And also i bought a second event deck: Gleeful Flames to my girlfriend and played like 3 hours yesterday with the 60 deck from each event(unmodified since it was our first games), it was fun:D, it ended around 4-4:D.Thanks, we like the decks:D
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