Cloning Auras with Mizzium Transreliquat

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I have a silly combo I'm trying to assemble where I want to grant a specific 72 or more creatures phasing without other creatures having phasing. The first few are easy to do: Cloak of Invisibility, Teferi's Curse and Copy Enchantment. But after that it gets harder. Token copies of those Auras won't work because they disappear when they indirectly phase out.

I have the following plan to get to use lots of cards as these Auras, but it depends on a couple of rules interactions where I'm not completely confident of my understanding. Can people confirm whether this works?

1) Have Teferi's Curse in play.
2) Hit Teferi's Curse with Argent Mutation.
3) This lets you have Sculpting Steel and Phyrexian Metamorph enter the battlefield as copies of Teferi's Curse, attached to a creature of your choice, right?

4) Have Mizzium Transreliquat in play.
5) Use the ability to have Transreliquat become a copy of Bonesplitter. Attach it to a creature using the Equip ability.
6) Now have Transreliquat become a copy of the Phyrexian Metamorph or the Argent Mutated Teferi's Curse. It now finds it's no longer an Equipment, but it's attached to a creature and it's an Aura with Enchant Creature, so it's happy, right? (Based on the Skill Borrower-Licid-Demonspine Whip ruling from a year or two back, I think this must work.)

7) In order to really crank out the nontoken Auras, my plan is the following. Animate Mizzium Transreliquat with, say, Karn's Touch. Now cast Infinite Reflection on the animate Transreliquat. All my current and future Glory Seekers and Runeclaw Bears are now noncreature Transreliquats, right?
8) Therefore, for each of these nontoken vanillas, I can now do the same trick making them become Equipment, attaching them to a creature, then having them copy the Argent Mutated Teferi's Curse. Does that all work?

(Edit: Ah, Mizzium Transreliquat's ability doesn't grant itself as part of the copy effect, so my original version of 7)-8) wouldn't work. Changed.)
the Mizzium Transreliquat's ability is not a copy effect, it will not be copied further with Infinite Reflection

you need March of the Machines and cast Infinite Reflection on a "vanilla" Mizzium Transreliquat in step 7/8 to make this combo work

/edit: you already noticed your error
also, March of the Machines is a bad example on my part, because you can't equip Equipment Creatures ;)
Karn's Touch is better
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Yeah, sorry for editing in a fix in a quick-response forum like this :/ Thanks for the thoughts. So the Equipment discovering it's an Aura but staying attached is fine?
it seems so

I was looking for rules saying otherwise, but so far I haven't found any
both Equipment and Aura use "attached" at first and then further define that as being "equipped" or "enchanted", but I think simply being attached with the proper type will count
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The only issue I can see is that Mizzium Transreliquat stops being a creature at the end of the turn, so Infinite Reflection will fall off.

You can fix that with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas if you are willing to add black to the deck. That'll make the original Mizzium Transreliquat stay a creature indefinitely, but your Grizzly Bears will still enter the battlefield as noncreature artifacts.
the Mizzium Transreliquat's ability is not a copy effect, it will not be copied further with Infinite Reflection

Mizzium Transreliquat's second ability creates one copy effect. The whole effect applies in layer 1.
706.9a. Some copy effects cause the copy to gain an ability as part of the copying process. This ability becomes part of the copiable values for the copy, along with any other abilities that were copied.

Example: Quirion Elves enters the battlefield and an Unstable Shapeshifter copies it. The copiable values of the Shapeshifter now match those of the Elves, except that the Shapeshifter also has the ability "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, Unstable Shapeshifter becomes a copy of that creature and gains this ability." Then a Clone enters the battlefield as a copy of the Unstable Shapeshifter. The Clone copies the new copiable values of the Shapeshifter, including the ability that the Shapeshifter gave itself when it copied the Elves.

If you want another method to clone an unlimited number of auras, you can have copy enchantment enter the battlefield not copying anything then animate it (e.g. with opalescence) then use infinite reflection to have creatures enter the battlefield as copies of any enchantment.

If you're playing a casual game, research and some recursion can fetch any number of cards from your collection, allowing you to have more than four of a card in play.

MJWhitfield1: Hmm, good thought. Thanks - that may be simpler than my silly way.

PirateAmmo: Mizzium Transreliquat's second ability clearly does create a copy effect, but doesn't it have two parts? "Becomes a copy of target artifact" applies in layer 1, but "gains this ability" would be layer 6, I'd have thought. If "gains this ability" is part of the copy effect and is thus copied by clones, then fantastic, but...

...hmm, yeah, 706.9a does seem to say that "gains this ability" is indeed copied. It doesn't state what layer it applies in, but I guess that doesn't actually matter. It is indeed clearly copied, which means I could after all have used my original plan of having Mizzium Transreliquat copy Obsianus Golem but keep the copy ability, followed by casting lots of Clones or using Infinite Reflection to get a bunch of Obsianus Transreliquats which each have the ability to then become first an Equipment and then a Teferi's Curse.
Which has a certain convoluted appeal. But copying animated Copy Enchantments is probably a bit more sensible.

Thanks all!
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