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October: In The Works
By Bart Caroll

started playing Dungeons & Dragons first with the red-boxed D&D Basic Game, and then quickly moved on to AD&D—where the stretch goal for our characters waited for us at the upper levels. Magic armor and weapons were acquired along the normal course of adventuring, but castles and strongholds were something to strive for instead of being merely chanced upon (well, unless you happened to draw the Throne card from a deck of many things, but what are the chances?).

Talk about this column here. 

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So... we already know that the release schedule is a bit thin (understatement intended).

But the decision to release Dungeon and Dragon as only a single end-of-month compilation is ridiculous. I am pretty certain the folks who make such decisions simply don't bother asking anyone even remotely resembling an actual customer what they would prefer.

They used to do it right. Article releases throughout the month and then an end-of-month PDF compilation. Simple and satisfying to everyone. Then they went to article-release only and no compilation. Grr... But at least I can stitch together the articles to make my own compilation at the end of the month. But now we cash-paying subscribers get NOTHING* from WotC throughout the month.

Over the 11 years I have been a WotC website participant, I have been accused of being a WotC cheerleader, a corporate flunky, and a fanboy/fanboi. I am finding it very difficult to find anything to cheer of late.

* Nothing = no content.
Here are the PHB essentia, in my opinion:
  • Three Basic Rules (p 11)
  • Power Types and Usage (p 54)
  • Skills (p178-179)
  • Feats (p 192)
  • Rest and Recovery (p 263)
  • All of Chapter 9 [Combat] (p 264-295)
A player needs to read the sections for building his or her character -- race, class, powers, feats, equipment, etc. But those are PC-specific. The above list is for everyone, regardless of the race or class or build or concept they are playing.
well they are saying in the article that one mag will come out before the other, earlier in the month. i dont think its ideal either, but i was just pointing it out
Theres no need to publish regularly since they're cutting staff and production . Once these are compiled again we can see how thin they've become.

I would also like if they'd re-compile all the issues they didn't do since they stop doing it.
So, outside of remind us of dungeon/dragon magazine submissions (wish they can't submit crunch), there is nothing 4e players care about in the works...
I would also like if they'd re-compile all the issues they didn't do since they stop doing it.

You can say that again!

I would also like if they'd re-compile all the issues they didn't do since they stop doing it.

So, is the next encounter season  D&D Next or 4E? It sure sounds like D&D Next.
    4e.  It is way too early for them to be switching over to Next if they are at all serious about it still being well over a year to publication.  But they may be shoving in some Next trash, and are even more likely to next year.  So it is a definite worry.
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