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So this is where I want to get my current vampire deck to.  I think the onslaught of +1/+1s will overwhelm opponents pretty fast.  What do you think?  Are there any cards that you think should be in/out of it?  Thanks for your input!


4   Dragonskull Summit
4   Mountain
4   Swamp
4   Blood Crypt
4   Cavern of Souls

20   Lands


3   Sign in Blood
2   Searing Spear
2   Flames of the Firebrand
2   Vexing Devil
1   Markov Blademaster
2   Curse of Stalked Prey
1   Necropolis Regent
1   Rakish Heir
1   Ghoulcaller's Chant

15   Sideboard Cards


4   Stromkirk Captain
4   Stromkirk Noble
3   Rakish Heir
4   Vampire Nighthawk
3   Blood Artist
2   Bloodline Keeper // Lord of Lineage
2   Olivia Voldaren
2   Vexing Devil
1   Necropolis Regent

25   Creatures

Other Spells:

2   Searing Spear
2   Flames of the Firebrand
3   Victim of Night
2   Ghoulcaller's Chant
2   Fervor
4   Dreadbore

15   Other Spells
Does it have to be Standard legal? Because all the cards in it are in Standard.
Anyway, I'd start by cutting the following cards:
Vexing Devil: Unreliable.
Necropolis Regent: Costs too much for a tribal aggro deck.
Bloodline Keeper: Not a strong enough immediate impact to justify the cost.
Fervor: The effect isn't worth the card and mana.
Victim of Night: Burn would be better.
Ghoulcaller's Chant: Effect not worth it.
Dreadbore: You might want to keep two or three since they deal with most things, but the deck would prefer burn, it is one of the main reasons to play red.
Why aren't the OP's autotags working?

Vexing Devil- I kind of like the card, just not in this deck. Just don't count it as a creature when building the deck. Expect your opp. to take the 4 points, and 4 for one R isn't that bad. If they don't, there's a 4/3 sitting there to deal with. However, in this case, I think the room could be better utilized. Cut 'em.
Fervor- Sleeping nailed it right on the head. Not worth it's space. Belongs in decks that make huge amounts of tokens, I.E. Goblins, or with cards that have huge advantages when they slap an opponent.
Necropolis Regent- This card only belongs in a deck that you expect to take the distance. Big casting cost means stuck in your hand for a long time. Works with decks that make more creatures ideally.
Flames of the Firebrand- Not the most efficient spell out there. Flexible, yes, but 3 pts. for 3 mana isn't great. But, I'm at a loss for an alternative, so whatever...
Victim of Night- Sideboard card. Maindeck something that will target generically. You have 4 Dreadbores, so try to find something that will allow you to deal with either enchants or artifacts.

Stuff missing:
Vampire Nocturnus- This is a no-brainer. Vamp deck isn't a strong as it was with the Zendikar block, so the bonus is they are much cheaper nowadays.

I guess my biggest question is still whether this is a deck that you want to keep Standard-legal, cause the rest of my "Missing" suggestions would step out of standard. I'm trying to build a standard-legal vamp deck myself, and it's similar to this. Gonna work a 3 color mana base though, so I can work in Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, just for flavor and MOAR TOKENS.  (I don't take Standard as seriously as everyone else does, but I need something for FNM.)
Falkrenrath Exterimantor is a very good threat with Rakish Heir. One connect and it gains[2M][R]: 2 damage.

A Rakdos Charm or two here or there might be worth considering, as would Sign In Blood/Wild Guess.

I'd err you to ignore any negative comments about Bloodline Keeper. This guy wins games, and is precisely why you want to keep 2-3 Fervor in the deck (or 2 main, 2 side). He becomes 3/3 flyer and a 2/2 flyer for 4 in which case, and if you keep aggro up, then, well, he's transforming the turn he drops or the one after.

Rogue's Passage might help with the Exterminator/Heir boosting, to give you more speed, as if you get swept, from experience, it's hard to recover.

For burn:

4X Searing Spear
4X Flames of the Firebrand (there are so many quick one drops, it's a no brainer - especially as it allows you to miss out turn 1-2 if you draw bad and recover with Fervor).

4X black kill spells (prefer Murder myself, but Dreadbore works wonders too).


DCI Judge Level 1

If you make a 2/2 with Keeper then you don't have a 3/3 that turn to attack with. A little too slow for an aggro deck I think, it's more of a controlling card.
And I am gonna split the diff between Nocc's and Sleeping's opinions about Bloodline Keeper. Technically, yes, Bloodline may be a bit slow for an aggro deck, but this seems like a slower aggro deck anyway. I think it's a great tool to be used. I don't think he's as fast as Nocc's example though. It CAN come out that fast, but it WON'T, because you're going to lose a vampire or 2 along the way to being able to transform him. Also, he transforms into a 5/5, not a 3/3, and once the other vamps get that +2/+2 and you're still spitting out tokens, momentum will slant in your direction quickly. I just got my Bloodlines the other day, and I'm fairly impressed so far. Another idea would be to find a manabase that will allow a small splash of white, so you can run Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.

I think the secret to running this deck is to realize that the days of Zendikar aggro Vamps is over, and that the new Vampire deck is a slightly slower thing, and is going to have to be played thus. In that way, Sleeping's comment of Bloodline being more of a controlling card is not far off. This is a deck about control AND aggro.
I discovered a really good four drop for :brm: Vampires while doing an MTGO Cube draft yesterday. Falkenrath Aristocrat is insane, and very aggressive.
Yeah, I keep looking at it realizing that I'm gonna end up with ANOTHER vampire deck. Maybe resign the Bloodlines to my casual decks (the ones I take more seriously, if that makes any sense), and run this in the FNM deck.

I've never played Cube, don't fully understand it. It's on my "to do list" though (#53- Get up to speed with Cube :P).
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