need a answer to this

what does binds mean in this spell

Crusader’s Strike

1st-level evocation

Your prayer evokes the fury of your patron deity

and binds it to the weapon you wield. Each time

you strike with this weapon, the ground quakes

and the air shudders around your foe, as your god’s

wrath finds release.


Make a melee weapon attack against a

creature within your reach. The attack deals 2d6

extra holy damage on a hit and 1d6 extra holy

damage on a miss. An evil caster may deal unholy

damage instead.

Absolutely nothing.  That's just flavor text.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
In this instance binds means, becomes attached to or is infused with.
does this mean it is perment or does it where off after so long
No, it is a one time use. After the attack roll and damage roll it is gone.
please explain further not understanding fully
This spell is cast as you attack. It gives you a boost to damage on a hit and granting partial damage on a miss. After the attack the blessing leaves the weapon. "Binds" does not mean permanent. The wrath of your god is bound to your weapon for this attack only.

If a spell does not tell you when it ends, it ends immediately after the described effects happens.
thank you that helps a lot
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