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Ive seen some similiar decks but not any that quite hit it like this. Ive been out of standard until recently so Im trying to manipulate what I have been told is a strong deck (G/W agro) into something that incorporates some of the RtR elements.

Its based on getting some quick tokens out, and then overwhelming in midgame with populate.


-chose to take the mana dorks out due to a low mana curve and excess of 2-drops.
-chose to diverse the tokens as much as possible to avoid things like detention sphere
-decided thragtusk fit the deck better than armada wurm


4xTemple Garden 
4xSunpetal Grove
2xGrove of the Guardian


Creatures (& Creature spells)
4xPrecinct Captain
4xCall of the Conclave
4xSilverblade Paladin    (wayfaring temple and precient capt make double tokens)
4xWayfaring Temple
3xTrostani, Selesnya's Voice
3xEntreat the angels


4xSelesnya Charm
4xOblivion Ring


THERE ARE 2 spots left in this deck... i havent figured out what I want there yet. Ive tried various things and havent really been overly impressed with anything. Currently the last 2 spots are being held by Growing Ranks

If you have any suggestions for the deck please let me know, thanks!

Can you explain why you picked Thragtusk over Armada Wurm? Just curious, Thragtusk seems better in a deck with a flicker mechanic, whereas Armada Wurm seems better in a token-aggro deck.

If you're really worried about Detention Sphere, I'd check out [C]Ranger's Guile[/C]. Just something to consider. It also works well against spot removal, like [C]Tragic Slip[/C].

Your deck really demands that your creatures actually connect with the opponent a fair amount, so you need some tool to get rid of blockers. You have ORing, but it's expensive. I think [C]Prey Upon[/C] helps you here because you'll be able to remove blockers before combat on the cheap.
Sorry to undermine ya, Hurriquake, but do not run Ranger's Guile. It just isn't worth a card. If you're so worried about detention sphere, you're going to want more consistency than just tokens to bring you the win. In all honesty, without a reliable Overrun in this format, swarming with little tokens just isn't quite going to cut it.

But seriously, run Armada Wurm over Thragtusk. Three things:
1.) You get 10 points of trampling power up front.
2.) You gain 10 life with Trostani, Selesnya's in play the turn prior.
3.) Your Thragtusk is only making a 3/3 token when it leaves play. You're going to really want to be able to keep swinging.
Bonus: a 5/5 trampler is way better to populate than a 3/3.

To connect with the opponent, run a full set of Rancor. It's tough to remove, and will get your Wayfaring Temple through.

I wouldn't run Precinct Captain. Sure, it's a 2 drop, but he makes 1/1 tokens that I wouldn't want to waste populating on. If that's all you have left to populate, you're probably behind. Those little guys just won't get you to the end unless they had some evasion. I'd prefer to see mana dorks to accelerate big threats, or card draw in the form of Elvish Visionary or something.

And look into consistent beaters/threats. Wayfaring Temple is in danger of getting 2-for-1'd pretty badly, especially if you're running 1 toughness stuff. It's really easy for a Bonfire of the Damned, or even Street Spasm to sweep all your little dudes, and out of nowhere wipes out your temple on the rebound.

So as cute as Silverblade Paladin can get with his double striking business, he is another low toughness dude. Consider throwing Loxodon Smiter in there somewhere. Hope some of that helps!

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The thragtusk vs armarda wurm is more a question of do you need to stablise and outsustain the other deck or do you need a threat to win the game now before then lock you down (ie, control vs aggro). Both are good, but generaly you don't want both, so tailor to whichever is most dominant where you play, sideboarding some of the other as needed.
My G/W token spawner might be a bit slower, but you can check it out here for some ideas. I just recently tested something close to this and it won pretty well by an overwelming token swarm (40+ if i remember right) and with me having triple didget health
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Why is [C]Ranger's Guile[/C] so bad? I have it sideboarded but was actually considering maindecking it. 

In some test plays against my friends it saved my trostani or my first token from removal.
Ranger's Guile is bad because it's a one shot, negligible pump with protection. If it were still Vines of Vastwood, I'd say sure.

But as it stands, +1/+1 for , nor hexproof for are worth a card. Together, they're still not worth a card. You're losing more tempo on something that won't help you advance your board position in any way.

Conversely, Rancor recurs itself, and continues to press the advantage, while Ranger's Guile does no such thing. And saving your first token from removal is just... well not very imporatant. This is why you make more tokens, or have multiple trostanis. Saving stuff from removal, unless your deck is REALLY bent on the control game in that way, is worst than having more threats to turn sideways, or to remove opposing threats. Your opponent will always have more spells to sling at your dudes, and chances are more than you'll have Ranger's Guiles.

@Rakdos: Your deck is very unfocused, which I think was mentioned in your thread. There is just about 0 consistency when you run all 1- or 2-ofs. Do be cautious about too much diversity, as it can dilute your win conditions.
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