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So after the last playtest the DM and I have been thinking about the HP problem. Although it gives for a gritting game at first level... Anything other than a Hill Dwarf Fighter with survivor specialty is just is to scary to be in melee. Monsters don't hit a lot but when they do (or crit) they hit HARD.

Perhaps a first level HP change could be something like what my DM suggested...

Level 1: (Max Hit Die) + (1/2 Con SCORE)
Level 2: (Average round up) + (con mod)


Wizard with +2 Con mod (14 score) would gain 4 + 7 hp at level 1 (11hp) then (3 + 2 = 5 hp/level afterwards)

Fighter with +2 Con mod (14 score) would gain 10 + 7 hp at level 1 (17 hp) then (6 +2 = 8 hp/level afterwards)

They could always choose to roll hp of course. But at first level it sees like hp will be close and then the Fighter would start to pull away.

Has anyone else thought of good changes to the HP? Would this be to much?

I was happy with the first playtest packet, although I would have said minimum hit points should be 1+Con modifier from level 2 capped at your max hit dice.  I agree that your starting hit points adding half con is a decent compromise but I don't approve of adding the full con bonus each time you level because it leads to too large a gap between high and low con characters at higher levels.

The compromise is to follow the 1e example and only add con up to level 10 or to add half con rounded up to level 20 (12-15+1, 16-19 +2, 20+3)
Hey folks,

This isn't really a session report, so I'll be moving it on to Playtest Packet Discussion.


I had read that the Wizard HP would be improving but it does not appear to be the case in Packet 3...have I missed the U-Turn?
In every survey I have commented on how pathetic and stupidly low the starting HP is. And I see that my comments (and everyone elses) have been ignored. Good job WoTC! 

Max HD + Con Bouns is a joke and harkens back to the day when 1st lvl Wizard could be killed by a rat.  

I have consistanly said that Starting HP should be Max HD+CON Stat with lvl progression equalling MAX HD + Con bonus with option for Max HD+1/2 CON Stat and HD rolled+Con bonus at the DM's disgression. 

Unless the HP gen method changes I won't be using it (using the above) when the D&D Next is finally out.  
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