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ok i had a few ideas on the rakdos decks, this one is how it is set at the moment. It does need to be streamlined a bit better but this is how it looks with the cards i have on hand.

4x swamps
4x mountains
4x dragonskull summit
1x blood crypt
4x rakdos guildgate
enchantments and artifacts
3x shrieking affliction
1x deviant glee
2x rakdos keyrune
4x drainpipe vermin
2x rakdos cackler
1x tormented soul
2x rakdos shred-freak
4x ravenous rats
2x grim roustabout
1x Rix Maadi guildmage (this is one that i will need more of)
3x hellhole flailer
1x bloodfray giant
1x perilous shadow
1x spawn of rix maadi
1x rakdos ringleader
1x carnival hellsteed
1x chaos imps
instants and sorceries
1x dreadbore
2x rakdos charms
4x auger spree
2x mind rot
2x launch party
3x skull rend

The idea behind the deck is using the stabwound or the shriek to deal damage then leach the life away using the rix maadi guildmage (one reason why i need more of that along with probably one more stab wound) I think as I get more cards to focus the deck I will remove some of the unleashed cards.  I am also thinking of getting a little artifact removal for the side board. (haven't made a side board for this deck yet.)
Alright, a lot of people are going to tell you "don't run this." And I'm going to be one of those people and advise that, competitively, you're going to want to be basically all aggro without the cute discard theme.

That being said -- I'll workshop this for some kind of standard discard hybrid thing, because I have a soft spot for old timey discard decks.

Things you should look into that will help your discard theme:
- Duress
- Liliana of the Veil
- Rakdos's Return
- Gruesome Discovery
and a full set of your Shrieking Affliction

And you'll probably want to do something with all those cards your opponent discarded though, you know, as a contingency plan... look into a couple Grimoire of the Dead.

So like I said, those are some options. The deck could be cute, but probably won't do a heck of a lot besides make your opponent irritated while top decking. Look into some of the Rakdos Aggro threads for more competitive Rakdos builds if you're interested.

Puresteel players unite! [Archetype] PURESTEEL
thanks for the suggestions.
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