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Hi there!

I'm pretty new to MTG, although I've played loads of TCG. Anyways I am attending small local weekly tournaments where we can only use cards from new packs, Ravnica or M13 editions. Everybody randomly picked a deck at the start of the 1st tournament, and I picked Liliana Veiss black-themed deck. The deck is pretty strong and kinda fun, but i want to build a two-coloured deck (if you suggest me to "stay black", please state your reasons because I'm still kind of newbish).

Now, I have already picked up some red cards and two rakdos red/black cards, but I want someone experienced to tell me which deck could be better, or more fun (REMEMBER - I can put in my deck only cards from the two latest editions). Raping opponents aggresively with red/black isn't really my style, I'd rather have myself a control black deck with blue/black, but there are no black/blue cards (as far as i know)...

Anyways, please tell me your opinions, and if you can, suggestions on decks, or maybe even a few examples of how would that deck look like.

The most recent set to be released is Return to Ravnica. The ravnica world is run by 10 guilds one for each color pair. The black/blue guild (Dimir) is coming with the next set. The current set (return to ravnica) was only large enough to support 5 guilds so you can see the black/red guild (rakdos) and the black green guild (golgari).

Rakdos is pretty aggressive. I don't think there are enough cards with the current set to make a good rakdos control decklist however until the next set is released golgari doesn't seem like a bad option for someone who likes to play control. keep in mind though that just because they haven't designed the Black/blue team yet doesn't mean that there aren't black/blue decks out there which could accomplish your goals. The guilds make it easier to construct decks of those color combinations but if you have a plan I'm sure you could make a competitive decklist of any 2 color combination even the ones which don't have a guild yet.
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I'd like to have control over opponent's hand and field, while burning him with spells/creatures. For example, i'd like to be able to destroy opponent's creatures with spells, which would mean he can't defend against my creatures' attacks, but in the same time i want to be able to "control his hand", so he almost never has more than 2 cards in hand. (this is a strategy i used in other TCG, and was always working, but i'm not sure how it would work in MTG since in late game, when you have enough lands, almost every card can be played - so cards that make you opp to discard would be useless late game

these Dimir themed cards look you know when it will be out? 





In approximately 3 months the next set will be released.

Mono black has all of the control elements you mention (liliana's specter, doom blade, murder, ravenous rats etc...) hand control and killing creatures. Discard elements in MtG are pretty limited in their abilities because as you noted players can just play each card as they draw it. For this reason wizards doesn't like to print instant speed discard because they want games to have ebb and flow where a player can come back and doesn't get stuck in a situation where they are playing with almost no chance of winning over the course of many turns.

What you would get by adding a 2nd color is generally

white - creatures, enchantment or artifact destruction, remove from the game effects like oblivion ring
blue - counterspells (example counterspell), mill (example thought scour)
green - recursion (example regrowth), creatures, artifact and enchantment destruction (abrupt decay)
red - artifact destruction, burn lightning bolt

As I mentioned you could easily play a mono black control deck but there will be weaknesses against strong enchantments and artifacts or hexproof creatures like troll ascetic

I'm not a great player but for an example of a casual green/black control standard decklist on a semi-budget I might go with something like

4 - golgari guildgate
4 - evolving wilds
4- forest
6 - swamp
4 - overgrown tomb (this will break the budget but since the only black board sweeper I see in standard left is mutilate these would be necessary. If new phyrexia was availible life's finale or black sun's zenith would replace mutilate and these duals wouldn't be needed)

board control spells (actually I probably wouldn't choose all of these at these numbers but would base the selections on metagame knowledge)

(abrupt decay is pretty costly to your budget but would be nice to have)
5 - murder, doom blade, ultimate price, or whatever you like the most among these
2 - golgari charm
4 - mutilate (the main reason to choose mono black over a two color deck would be this card if you're thinking mono black)
3 - barter in blood
1 - killing wave (without dual lands I would decrease the number of mutilate and increase the number of this card)


4 - grisly salvage
maybe some duress here or some naturalize type of spell


4 - dreg mangler
4 - knight of infamy
1 - liliana's shade
1 - bloodgift demon
1 - moan of the unhallowed

Probably some decent green creatures.

If you go mono black you could probably combine a larger creature base and smaller creatures with a morbid theme. I didn't include many morbid cards because I didn't make this a "creature" deck but it could easily become a control deck that is creature based with morbid cards to kill the opponents creatures and/or make them discard or whatever. I don't know how well positioned a black control deck would be in standard but for casual play the key is just to include enough control elements with enough threats. I don't think the hand destruction cards are all that good so I didn't include a lot of them but if I was looking at a mono black decklist with a morbid theme then I would also look to include some black cat or ravenous rats or something.

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