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I wanted to build a new deck based on the Ravnica Izzet League guild. I wanted it to follow the theme of the Guild while at the same time being effective. I love the randomness/innovation of the Izzet and wanted the deck to feel as if every game was going to be a little different. I also was trying to go inexpensive at best (which is why I'm not getting Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius lol), as well as having no more than 2x of something so something different will always come to the table (unless 3x is necessary). Here is my list idea, I haven't gotten it yet until I feel it is functional and effective.

Creatures 18
3x Blistercoil Weird
2x Frostburn Weird
2x Goblin Electromancer
2x Nivix Guildmage
2x Guttersnipe
2x Izzet Staticaster
2x Tibor and Lumia
1x Izzet Chronarch
2x Mercurial Chemister
Spells 20
2x Blustersquall
2x Downsize
2x Dynacharge
2x Mizzium Skin
1x Street Spasm
2x Izzet Charm
2x Teleportal
2x Char
1x Invoke the Firemind
1x Izzet Keyrune
2x Quicksilver Dagger
1x Thoughtflare
Lands 22
2x Izzet Boilerworks
2x Izzet Guildgate
2x Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind
8x Island
8x Mountain

What format do you want the deck to run in?

I suggest losing the Nivix for Desolate Lighthouse. Given your preferred deckbuilding style, filtering will be a big help. I'd go ahead and use 4 Izzet Charm as well. I would drop Mizzium Skin since you don't seem to have one particular creature as a wincon. If you ran either version of Niv-Mizzet, I'd recommend it for Izzet-themed protection.

-2 Mizzium Skin
-1 Street Spasm

+3 Electrolyze

Burn and carddraw will benefit you. How does Frostburn Weird do for you? Ditto for Blistercoil.       
The format doesn't exactly matter as long as it keeps within the Izzet theme and is majority RtR or just Ravnica in general.

And yeah burn/card drawing is eccentially what I'm aiming for lol

Electrolyze and Prophetic Bolt, then?

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