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First off, I have the DMG but not DMG2, so apologies if it is covered there.

Are there rules for chases?  I'd like to create some dramatic non-combat encounters involving skill checks, with maybe the occasional use of attacks.  I'm specifically thinking of having the (Eberron) players have an airship vs. Roc chase and then maybe have them flee from some large but slow moving creature on Xen'drik as well. 

One would be (effectively) ripped off from hundreds of sci-fi and military movies: players making skill checks to get extra speed out of the airship, navigate around obstacles and fire ship weapons.

The second would probably be riding on horses, maybe tossing control powers as they go to try to get enough time to escape.

any basic rules that would help in adjucating how skill checks could cause ground to be gained or lost in a chase scene? 
There are no specific rules in 4e for chases.  Pathfinder has chase rules and has a couple of chase decks that can be purchased (one for urban...the other for wilderness).  They should be easily adjusted for 4e.
A chase would most likely be opposed Athletics or Endurance checks between the fleeing character and its pursuers.
depending on the location (urban vs wilderness vs dungeon/underground), checks in Streetwise, Nature or Dungeoneering could also apply - for example they might count as a Success in identifying a shorter route to catch up, etc.
depending on the location (urban vs wilderness vs dungeon/underground), checks in Streetwise

Yup! This one is actually even suggested in the rules now that i think about it.

RC 155 Improvising With Streetwise: Loose pursuing guards down a series of alleys or in a crowd (opposed to perception) 
I have the DMG... Are there rules for chases?

DMG p.78

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