Further problems activating cards on the iPad

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I am finding further problems activating cards playing red cards on my iPad
I cannot resolve my original problem getting the boot artefact to activate
I have had a couple of other problems which may or may no have been my fault
But now I have had another unresolved problem
I had a Magma Phoenix in the graveyard
Six mountains
I knew I could bring it back to my hand and also as I am still playing Mage level while I get back into the game, help was telling me to do it
When help was pressed it turned the five mountains and indicated the card to be activated from the graveyard but the activation did not complete
I am unable to activate  the card manually myself
All my problems within the game appears to be with activating cards and actions

Any help at all would be useful as it is spoiling the wonderful game for me

Please forget above, I realise where I was going wrong
I did not realise I actually had to tap the wording on the card
I don't remember doing that before but then it was a while ago and my memory could be better Foot in Mouth

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