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ahhmmmi'm trying to build an izzet deck
it focuses on creating tokens then attacking with overloaded teleportal or blustersqual
how's this?
3 blistercoil weird
4 goblin electromancer
3 guttersnipe
3 talrand, sky summoner
2 krenko, mob boss

2 dynacharge
3 blustersquall
3 teleportal
4 izzet charm
4 krenko's command
4 talrand's invocation
3 goblin rally

9 islands
9 mountains
4 izzet guildgate/ steam vents 
I'd add some Kiln Fiend, Preordain, and Lightning Bolt probably. I think I'd take out the Krenkos. Blusterquall would probably be best replaced by Sleep since it can give you two attacks. Downpour is another option thta is cheap to cast, it's unlikely that your opponent will have more than three creatures out anyway.
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