Mono Red-Goblin Rush

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What will you use the mana from Skirk Prospector for?  Also, does Goblin Warchief really further your game?

I'd rather see Goblin Matron in here.  Maybe Goblin Warrens, too.

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It seems silly to play Dragon Fodder and Krenko's Command over Mogg War Marshal when you have Skirk Prospector in your deck. Also you should cut either one of the 3+ mana spells or Goblin War Strike to make room for some small guys.
I don't get it. What is the difference Marshal and this token-giving spells? Both in totaal gives you two tokens and costs are the same. In case of Marshal you have to pay echo cost. So why it is better? 
There's not many times when you'd WANT to pay his echo cost. Mogg War Marshal functions a little different that the token spells. He gives you the equilavant of a free goblin to sacrifice for one reason or another.  The Skirk Prospector that was mentioned has the benefit that once the Marshall is in play, with it's first token, you can sack the Marshal, get a red mana out of it, and get it's 2nd token. Marshal works well with Wort, Boggart Auntie as well. Keep bringing Marshal back, play it it for it's first token, don't pay echo, and get the 2nd token next turn, wash, repeat. One time you'd WANT to pay his echo cost and keep him around is Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. Works great with Kiki. Works great as sacrificial goblin for Lightning Crafter, IF you ever wanted to play it, and is a great sacrifice for Goblin Grenade as well. Basically, anytime you have another card that is looking for a Goblin to sacrifice, Marshal is a great choice for this.

As far as the OP's deck goes, I'd ditch theSkirk Prospector for 4 Rite of Flames. Excellent mana ramp, IF it fits in your format, as it has been banned/restricted in some formats I believe.  Also, 4 Goblin War Strikes is a bit too much. I don't recommend cutting it alltogether, as it has capped many a game for me (I actually prefer Fireblast for this), but it's more like a 2-of card.

Also, see this thread, if you haven't already, there's some good Goblin advice there as well.
Using your advices upgraded version will look something like this:

20 x Mountains

4x Goblin Chieftain
4x Goblin King
2x Krenko, Mob Boss
4x Gempalm Incinerator
4x Mogg War Marshal
4x Goblin Matron
4x Goblin Ringleader
2x Goblin Recruiter

4x Goblin Grenade
4x Goblin War Strike

4x Quest for the Goblin Lord

I found nice combo: You are playing with goblin matron and searching for recruiter. You're playing recruiter and put back cards in order: Ringleader, 4 cards, ringleader, 4 cards. A lot of goblins :D

Needs more cheap Goblins, everything costs too much to play. I also second the suggestion of Fireblast, it's a very strong finisher and a good thing to have 2 or 3 of in your deck.
Yeah, The Quest is a 1-drop, but you need more than that. Mogg Fanatics or Raging Goblins at least. No 1-drop Goblins is a recipe for meh.
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