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Does taking the treasure with Portal Stone still increase Morale or is this function replaced by the teleporting effect?
My understanding is that you are sacrificing the treasure to open a portal, thus do not gain morale. This would make sense as it says remove not claim, and it is a very powerful ability that can teleport a creature across the entire battlefield.
I think that you will get the morale. On other cards like on of the two drow commanders it is stated that you can draw a card instead of taking the morale. The portal stone makes sense if you think about getting your small goblins to run across the map to collect treasure and then use their "portal stone" to get back to their "base". Other teleport spells like Stealth are much stronger than an effect which would consume 1 morale to teleport to a given area.
It is the wording on the card: "Take 1 treasure..." not claim.

The thing is it is a very powerful card, if it wasn't so situational then it would be even more powerful than Stealth: as it is it's debatable. The card comes across as designed to be used on a creature that is in your opponent's area: run in, grab a treasure pile, take as many as you can before being set upon and discard the last one to teleport back across the battlefield. So not only are you denying your enemy between 1 and 3 morale, you are also gaining between 0 and 2 morale and preventing a loss to morale by the creature dying.

It is also useful if one of your creatures gets cut off and it looks like you might loose them before backup arives.

If you got to keep the morale as well it would be far too powerful. As it is if you combine it with Behind Enemy Lines it's a bit insane (but even more situational as only really worth it on the first few turns unless your opponent doesn't manage to claim all their treasure). First summon a creature into your opponent's area and beat them up a bit. Then move that creature away and steal some of their treasure before porting back and gaining the 4 morale from BEL as well.
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