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I started Magic back during the Ravnica Block, and stopped during Time Spiral. I've been playing the DotP games and decided it might be time to go back to paper Magic. The Zendikar and Alara blocks seemed cool, but Innistrad and Scars of Mirrodin don't seem nearly as interesting.

 I kinda want to start simple and buy some Zendikar cards to build a mono-Green aggro deck. I'm only interested in the Modern format, but I intend to play casually. Yes, I understand I'm limiting my options, but I really don't like the way pre-8th Edition cards look :P

Any suggestions on what block to start with?
I'd go for Return to Ravnica, because of the Shocklands
Zendikar is also good because of the Fetchlands
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If all you want is a mono green deck then it might be best to look at cards across a number of sets/blocks. My mono green decks have gone through quite a few evolutions. I'm currently using an elves variant that casts lethal overrun as early as turn 4.

Some differences between the types of mono green decks I've run

1 - creatures such as whirling dervish, silhana ledgewalker, scryb ranger or troll ascetic who are inherantly hard to kill and/or some kind of evasion enchanted with blanchwood armor or elephant guide types of enchantments

2 - powerful efficient creatures such as strangleroot geist, leatherback baloth or garruk's companion combined with instant speed pump spells and/or instants that save my creatures from removal such as vines of vastwood, or guttural response

3 - tribal oriented decks (elves or warriors) with "lords" like joraga warcaller or elvish archdruid

Some things which are generally the same.

1 - One mana acceleration like arbor elf or noble hierarch. This is the biggest advantage of playing green that the other colors don't offer.

2 - overrun. Even with the elves deck I absolutely love this card as a finisher.
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