I need some help refining my B/G Zombie deck!

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I really need all of your help here everyone. I am working on a BG Zombie deck and have pulled out a ton of cards that I have that could work with the deck. The hard part for me is trimming them down to make the deck work.

So if you all will be so kind as to help trim this down, I will be ever so greatful!


1   Ghoultree
1   Unbreathing Horde
2   Dreg Mangler
3   Vampire Nighthawk
1   Gravecrawler
2   Phylactery Lich
1   Farbog Boneflinger
1   Polluted Dead
1   Abattoir Ghoul
4   Butcher Ghoul
2   Highborn Ghoul
3   Hunted Ghoul
1   Ghoulraiser
2   Sightless Ghoul
4   Veilborn Ghoul
2   Crypt Creeper
2   Maalfeld Twins
4   Undead Executioner
4   Walking Corpse
4   Zombie Goliath
1   Sewer Shambler
3   Terrus Wurm
3   Dead Reveler

52   Creatures

Other Spells:

1   Vraska the Unseen
1   Garruk, Primal Hunter
4   Murder
4   Ring of Xathrid
2   Ring of Kalonia
4   Rancor
2   Mulch
2   Druid's Deliverance
2   Ranger's Path
1   Parallel Lives
4   Fog
3   Dead Weight
2   Crippling Blight
2   Tragic Slip
3   Ghoulcaller's Chant
3   Dark Favor
4   Reap the Seagraf
4   Rise from the Grave
4   Vile Rebirth
4   Duress
4   Disentomb
4   Mark of the Vampire
Zombies area working deck for their staples.

Geralf's messenger
diregraf ghoul

4 of each is a MUST. without them, zombies would surely fail. 
dreg mangler could work in there NOT as a replacement for messenger.
And I would look at Lotleth troll.

As it stands, you can't make a functional zombie deck with any combination of the cards you have listed. It's rough, but Zombies is no budget deck, so if you're sureyou want zombies, prepare for a serious investment. 
Thankfully this deck doesn't have to happen overnight, so putting money in it over time isn't as bad as needing it for for tomorrow.
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