Can you help me with my BR Vampire deck?

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So far this deck has been doing pretty well. I want to get some Bloodline Keepers, an Olivia or two and another Dragonskull Summit. Anyone have anymore ideas?


3   Dragonskull Summit
7   Mountain
8   Swamp
2   Rakdos Guildgate

20   Lands


3   Sign in Blood
3   Sorin's Thirst
3   Smelt
2   Dark Favor
1   Mark of the Vampire
1   Sengir Vampire
2   Searing Spear
1   Flames of the Firebrand

16   Sideboard Cards


4   Stromkirk Captain
4   Stromkirk Noble
1   Falkenrath Marauders
1   Markov Blademaster
2   Rakish Heir
2   Havengul Vampire
4   Vampire Nighthawk
2   Vampire Interloper
3   Blood Artist

23   Creatures

Other Spells:

2   Searing Spear
3   Flames of the Firebrand
1   Pillar of Flame
4   Victim of Night
1   Ghoulcaller's Chant
3   Murder
2   Fervor
1   Dreadbore

17   Other Spells
needs Blood crypt, 1 more summit, and a  some bigger dudes, either Falkenrath aristocrat or Olivia voldaren. Guild gate is too slow. That's a good place to start.

maybe Deviant glee

also, Sorin's thirst is no longer standard legal.
Thanks for the catch on sorins thirst! Swapping that for Deviant Glee as we speak lol. I want to put falk or olivia in, I just need some money haha. same for more duals
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