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Hey I was just looking for some rules. I was playing this one guy. I had a Gisela, Blade of Goldnight out on the field. He was using a Olivia Voldaren as his general. So she was up to +19/+19 counters on her and a equipment that gave her life link. During his turn I used Black lash on Olivia Voldaren. Now She would have done double the amount because of Gisela. Soo would the player die of general damage first before lifelink? This was really confusing.

I assume you mean Backlash

Commander damage is only from combat. Backlash damage from a commander doesn't count toward actual commander damage.

Lifelink is also irrelevant when it comes to commander damage. Suppose I have a [c]Platinum Emperion[/c} and you swing at me with exactly 21 points of power with your commander. If I don't block I will lose the game even though I do not lose life from your attack. I would still take damage. Damage causes life loss, but in this case my life total cannot change because of the Emperion- though I'm still dead from commander damage.


Yes I did mean Backlash.

Thank you so much that cleared alot up. I asked every one at the tournament that day and no one knew anything. However they also didn't know about the whole Commander damage is only from combat damage. This helped alot