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I'm having trouble understanding what exactly gets copied when copying a creature.

For example I have knucklebone witch in play with 4 +1/+1 counters on it. I also have kiki-jiki, mirror breaker out and I use it to make a copy of the knucklebone witch. Is this coppy a 1/1 or 5/5?

Or if I have a knucklebone witch and I play overrun on it and then make a copy, is it a 1/1 or 4/4 trample?
the copy will be a 1/1, counters are not copied
neither are temporary effects like Overrun

basically the copy looks as if you put the card into a xerox and made a copy, only what is printed on it is copied (there are some exceptions to this, like Phyrexian Metamorph that changes the copy)
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Overrun doesn't work either? I says until end of turn. It only effects creatures in play when it resolves?
yes, it only affects creatures that are on the battlefield when it resolves
creatures entering later are unaffected

the "until end of turn" only describes how long it lasts for the creatures affected, nothing more
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Think of permanents as the game objects that they are.
They can have various types of effects affecting them.
They also have various statuses and can have counters and attached objects too.

For the most part, none of these things are copied.

When an object copies or enters as a copy of another object, it copies the copyable values of that object. 99% of the time the copyable values are just whats printed on the card. The 1% exceptions being that copy effects do change the copyable values and so does facedown status (there are also a few other small exceptions for things like Primal Plasma where the replacement effect sets some of its copyable values).
eg. a Clone is on the field copying a Runeclaw Bear, if another Clone entered copying the first Clone/Runeclaw Bear, it'd enter as a Runeclaw Bear because the original Clone's copyable values are changed by its own copy effect.
eg. a Clone enters the field and copies a facedown ("morphed") creature, the Clone will become a faceup 2/2 creature with no name or mana cost because that's the copyable values of the facedown creature.

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Here are the copiable values (things that get copied):

  • Name

  • Mana cost

  • Color Indicator

  • Supertypes, types, and subtypes

  • Expansion symbol

  • Rules text

  • Power / Toughness

  • Loyalty

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