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Hi everyone!

i built a new deck with return to ravnica yesterday and i would like some advice on it

here it goes:


4 Fiend Hunter
3 Geist of the saint traft
2 Angel of serenity
3 Dungeon geist
2 Isperia, supreme judge
1 Serra Avatar


4 Oblivion ring
4 Supreme verdict
2 detention sphere

4 Syncopate
3 Unsummon


1 Ghostly touch
2 Spectral Flight

4 evolving wilds
4 glacial fortress
7 plains
9 Islands

I made an FNM with that yesterday and i went 0-6, so can i have some advice to make that deck more compeditive

thank you all 

Take out Serra Avatar and Angel of Serenity. Serra Avatar needs a lifegain focus to even be alright, and even then it's just a large vanilla creature, which is really bad for seven mana. Angel of Serenity is bad because you're really not running that many creatures of your own.

Ghostly Touch is terrible in your deck because it isn't an aggressive deck, and that's not really a very competitive card in the first place. Spectral Flight isn't good because the only profitable creature you can really put it on is Geist of Saint Traft.

I think you should probably replace Unsummon with either Silent Departure or Cyclonic Rift, both seem better in your style of deck. I'm not sure you even want to be running bounce with so many Verdicts though. The deck could really use some Inaction Injunction or Feeling of Dread instead, which synergizes with your Supreme Verdict. A couple Martial Law would also go really well with Verdict, I'm not sure that they'd be better than Dungeon Geist though. Likewise I think you should remove Fiend Hunter, it's really bad with Surpreme Verdict, and even without Verdict in your deck it isn't that great since you aren't a creature based deck.

I'd run a couple Entreat the Angels, they seem pretty good.

Your deck could also use some card draw like Amass the Components or Think Twice.

Azorius Charm might be an option. It can clear threats off the board, draw you a card, or gain you some life off your Geist. Don't know how good it is without many of your own creatures though. It also has the problem of bouncing their creatures before a Verdict.

Lovely thing about magic is you can do different things with different cards.

Not so sure I agree with all of Sleeping's suggestions but most of them do make sense.

  1. Geist of Saint Traft.. get rid of it, he's awesome, he hits hard and he has a free 4/4/ avoidance flyer but he doestn' fit in your deck theme.

    1. If you ended up looking at Deadeye Navigator ..  I know I am .. then you may like Drogskol Captain instead of your Saint Traft as now you'll have 2 playsets of Spirits in your deck

    2. If you need a 'hard' hitter you are better serverd later with Isperia, Supreme Judge,Angel of Serenity or Archon of the Triumvirate

  2. Serra Avatar I agree you need to get rid of this. It's nice if you you think "Hey I get this out on Round 1 it's  20/20 beast". Fact is you will be hard pressed to have any 'decent' amount of health versus a 'decent' player by round 6-7. Sadly it's mixed into your library on death, so strtegy wise assume it's exiled and you'll never see it again. Lastly It also gets weaker as you die, that's not something that you want to rely on helping you while you're dying. 

    1. Can you tell I never really liked this card. ;) (Unless you have a monster lifelink style deck then different story)

  3. For control I like Detain (in RTR) as its is a wicked machanic. It's drawback is, usually, 1 time ETB (enters the battlefield), effect. So to get more out of this I blink with Cloudshift and Restoration Angel, or the above mentioned Deadeye Navigator.

  4. Board wipes should, in my opinion, only be a sideboard options because if you build this deck right almost NONE of his creatures should be able to do anything and if they can it's a VERY limited amount of them as the rest are perma-tapped, detailed, exiled etc etc etc. 

    1. Slot Cyclonic rift / Cancel, Dissipate, Rewind spells thrown at you. 

  5. If you do drop a board wipe like Supreme Verdict you can roll with the Azorius Keyrune to keep yourself with creature options until you rebuild.  If your opponent is Planar Cleansing bombing sideboard a couple of Rootborn Defenses

  6. I dont see how Entreat the Angels helps this deck and I would just say go with (although they are expensive) Angel of Serenity

    1. Think of this: Angel of Serenity enters, exile 3 enemies, Cloudshift. 3 exiled go to players hand, Angel of Serenity returns, exile 3 more... it's possibly game over as you attack with everything you have on the board.

  7. Azorius Charm / Izzet Charm (splash red if you like) are both really nice detention/prevention mechanics but the Azorious is a lot nicer (to me) as you stall opponent tempo AND he has no help coming from the library as you already know his next card. 

  8. Fiend Hunters are 'moving' Oblivion Rings and I personally like them for a long term, albeit temporary, detention

  9. New Prahv Guildmage decent 2 drop and you can throw avoidance on attackers until you get the mana to start spot dentention

  10. Lyev SkyKnight is the flip side to Fiend hunter with avoidance (but the ETB detain only unlike fiend with is semi perma exiled.

  11. Azorius Arrester / Azorius Justiciar are both nice but I dont like the expense of the Justiciar, but I do like if I use them I can Cloudshift and detain 4 guys if I really have to... that's where his worth is not his 2/2.

So all of this said I go for the ability to lock down his trops through long-term detain/exile or blink mechanics. I also attempt to dispell anything hurtful coming at me. This is why play blink mechanics more than tokens and just let my normal hitters get through without being stopped. I actually am thinking that I dont need the pump w/ my Ethereal Armor but for now I"m experimenting with it and a LOT of enchantments in this deck.

Of course still adjusting as I trade / order cards but it's doing well for me. 

Here's what I am currently playing, feel free to ask any questions.

Jeans 'Judge Dredd - Mega City One' Detain deck.

Side / maybe board

Thank you for those answers

I actualy dropped the 3 dungeon Geist and the 4 Fiend Hunter for 1 more angel of serenity, 4 terminus and 2 Jace, the architect of thought i also dropped ghosly touch and spectral flight for 3 cancel and i dropped the 3 geist of the saint traft for 2 plains and 1 islands finally i took out the evolving wild for azorius charm

what do you think of my changes ?

Unless I am missing something you dropped 10 creatures, 7 of which are long term detain / tap for some cantrips / board wipes and 2 planeswalker (that can't attack anyone directly) so your lowest mana cost creature is a 6 mana Isperia followed by all 7 mana angels? 

I may have misunderstood can you post an update deck list?

You may need to look at your mana curve, create a deck list here ark42.com/mtg and look at how the mana is broken down (send me the link I"ll check it out once you do).


Well my goal is to control the opponen for the first turn by board wiping and by exile and once tamiyo hit the bord i want to tap creature till i have 6 or 7 mana to take out my big creatures, i felt like having 2 or 3 mana creature was a waste because i will be wiping them anyway a lot of time, maybe i completely missunderstood the format, im kinda new to magic i started around avacyn restored.

thanks for the advice guys
I'm quite confused as to what you want, exactly. I think you should bring the [C]Dungeon Geists[/C] back, because if you can get them early game, you can leave your enemy with little to do creature-wise. I personally use them, and I love them. If you want to control your enemy, you'll want the Detain ability, since it leaves a creature just about useless for a specific time.

[C]Ice Cage[/C] might be nice, but I'm not sure. It costs , and it's basically an enchant version of the Detain ability. 

The problem is you have too much with too high mana cost, so what are you going to do early game?  As JeanNiBee suggested, the [C]Azorius Arrester[/C] and [C]Azorius Justiciar[/C] are excellent choices for some low level creatures with Detain, and they fit your colors. Maybe some [C]Arrest[/C]s would be nice too, if the [C]Ice Cage[/C]s don't work out.

There is also a card in the Return to Ravnica series that is similar to [C]Oblivion Ring[/C], but it has the Overload ability. I cannot for the life of me remember its name, so if someone knows it, please jog my memory. I think it would be good for your deck. 

I don't think the [C]Serra Avatar[/C] or the [C]Geist of Saint Traft[/C] cards are going to help you, since from what I can see you're not looking for a super offensive deck. 

Again, if you could specify just what your intentions are (and check your grammar a bit :P), I think people will be able to help you SO much more. Hope this helps. 
I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
First of all sorry for my english , im a french speaker...

second , the goal of my deck would be to leave the ennemy with no creature on the field while i build my mana so i can trow my big bombs and kill him without anything to do, i might not have understand correctly but terminus and supreme verdict will wipe my own creature ?  I find it useless to put some early game...  but again i might be wrong  
[C]Supreme Verdict[/C] and [C]Terminus[/C] will definitely work on your creatures. Hexproof won't help you, since they don't specifically target a creature. For a safer method, stick to Counter spells, Detain, and anything else that the others and I suggested. With creatures of your own, and your opponent's unusable creatures, you'll have time to not only build your mana, but also do some damage.

Also, don't worry about the language stuff. It's not a problem  
I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White

The problem I see is, you have the right idea (sort of) but you may not be seeing the picture of 'what if your board wipe doesn't show up'. What if you dont see Terminus / Planar Cleansing / Supreme Verdict until round 5 or 6. What do you do then? Sure you may think that your Detention Spheres will work, and they would but you aren't going to have 4 of them to hold the opponent back. So then why not use cheaper spells like the Azorius Arrester / Judiciar or CHampions of the Parish, stuff that costs 'almost' nothing in mana and when you do board wipe them.. who cares; they did their job to not only stop those creatures (while you hoped to draw the board wipe) but they all gave you tempo by counter-attacking and doing some damage while you can.

Think about it.. a 2/2 hitting your opponent in Round 2 is STILL 10% of his health gone!

Make the ramp up smooth, small creatures to get something out there and keep you, not only alive, but also able to block / counter while you get mana ready for the bombs. 
You have some awesome advice in this thread try out variations of it, but stick to a 'flavor'.

Oh and I think the spell Jararo was thiking about was Cyclonic Rift with it's cheap single target removal w/ the overload cost.

Oh and if you want to control  he enemy... Dungeon Geists x 4 
Yeah, that's probably what it was. See, JeanNiBee and I agree with each other! Stick with Detain, add the freaking [C]Dungeon Geists[/C] because they're awesome, and keep the mana cost low.
I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
Thanks for the advices guys!!!!

I'll try that at the FNM tomorow and will post back after that!

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