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I know samurai are weak and there are other options better. But as far as samurai decks go, how does this look? It seems to win alot in the casual games I play, though I havn't tried it against tournament level decks.

I've contemplated taking out araba mothrider for something. Part of me wanted to put kitsune blademaster instead but I need flying defense, unless there's another way around that.

Ideally I wanted Bushi tenderfoot, but then I'd need  to rework the deck around him to get him to flip, so I have the hounds instead for first turn plays. A thought was viridian longbow and use it on a detainer or another bushi, but the longbow seems to suck.

Holy Day / Ethereal Haze and Ghostly Prison. Both worked well when I ran sams. I will admit tho I packed the game in just after the ninjas came out so I do not know how well they will hold up today. I did always find two Ghostly Prison would save me a fair amount of pain. Mothrider Samurai is another good choice. Lastly Eiganjo Castle can save you as well as Call to Glory and Hold the Line. The worst combo I have tho of late was a game I played on Thursday. A guy made my deck worthless with a combo of Weathered Bodyguards and General's Kabuto. The booster draft after made me feel a little better. Hope this helps.
Dosn't the mothrider samurai suck really bad? I know all sam's suck, but isn't that one one of the worst?

Ghostly prison seems like a great idea though. Expecially mixed with holy day. My only issue is figuring out what to switch them in with.

Castle doesn't help me much since I only have 4 legend cards total and two types. I've had call to glory in the deck, but sword of vengence seems to be overall better, though for theme I'd love to work that back in.
The problem with Holy Day/similar and Ghostly is that they clash with the rest of the deck. You are playing an aggro deck, so you shouldn't be wasting time with fog effects or speedbumps for the opponent (and even then, Path and Journey do that better).
Well I was considering them so I could remove mothrider for something more effecient.

I was also contemplating getting rid of brave the elements for path to glory, but brave has helped me get through to win games.
I only thought of Moth for the flying. But there is also a 2 drop 1/1 flyer you can lool onto as well. Ne eacapes me right now. If anything sidebord the Mothriders just in case.
araba and mothrider samurai are the only two flying samurai unless I use changlings.

I was contemplating Kor Aeronaut . It's not a samurai, but it's a decent flyer.
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