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The main idea would be to restrain my opponent as possible, than kill him little by little.

Since it's fairly new to magic (~2/3 months) and that it is my first time building this kind of deck, I would greatly appreciate any kind of comment and/or opinion.

I don't have the budget to buy cards over ~10$, this is why i've choose some economic dual land...

Thank you!


Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker and Windborn Muse would probably be better as Supreme Verdict.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV doesn't seem very useful in the deck. All your spells are cheap, half of them have no colorless symbols, and none are multicolored. If you still want to mess with your opponent's spells and don't mind yours costing a little more there is Lodestone Golem which you can be fetch off of Fabricate and has a stronger body.

Celestial Colonnade is cheap fixing that also gives you a kill condition that doesn't get Verdicted and sneaks under your Rule of Law.

Ethersworn Canonist is expensive, but you might want to get one to have as a fetchable Rule of Law.
Thanks for the feedback. 

Those cards are very interesting! 

I changed the deck list a little bit:

I'm not sure exactly how to balance all these instant/sorcery though.  
I just thought of another good Fabricate target for you. Sundial of the Infinite. It works like a Grand Abolisher kinda and it doesn't die to creature removal, including your own Wrath of God. If your opponent tries to play something like Jace's Ingenuity on your turn you can just tap it and end the turn, and they won't get to draw three. And at this point I'm thinking maybe you should run three Fabricate since you have a lot of targets for them. And why aren't you running any Silence? Silence with Isochron Scepter completely shuts down any deck that doesn't have instants, and with Grand Abolisher or Sundial it shuts down any deck without artifact removal.
 Indeed  Sundial of the infinit seems like a good option for the sideboard for decks with a lot of creatures.

Originaly I thought about using Silence but since there are no real card draw in the deck I switched it for Abeyance .

I'll probably use Silence and sideboard Abeyance when I play againts creature deck.

Maybe I'll add a Darksteel Colossus for an additional winning condition.  Avacyn, Angel of Hope would have been awesome, but she isn't an artifact and if she had been put into the graveyard I would have no way to bring her back.

Pithing Needle in sideboard for those deck with annoying little enchantment/artefact/creatures I wouldn't had the chance to counter.

Modify deck:

Consider adding some [C]Dungeon Geists[/C]. They're great for control.
I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
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