Has anyone seen a successful limited discard deck?

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I just played one, with maindecked Mind Rots, Ravenous Rats and at least one maindecked Duress and it actually worked really well. He made me discard an Essence Drain, Servant of Nefarox and Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis and that completely turned the tide in a way that playing creatures on his own side wouldn't have done. I beat him the next game but it was exceptionally close and the final game he got stuck on 2 lands which is generally an auto-loss, so I'm not counting it.

Has anyone else seen a viable discard deck in limited lately? 
I played that deck. I've actually played two versions. One was straight black, another was black/blue. I think the mono-black one was more effective. I sided in a Jadymae Tome and won the next two games.
I wouldn't bet on it in M13. Ravenous Rats is far from what I'd call good discard. in some Cubes it can be possible though. Might be a thing once Return to Ravnica fills up with Dimir stuff from Gatecrash and Sinker though, playing Shrieking Affliction, Mind Rot, and splashing red for Skull Rend. What I really want though is graveyard synergy from Dimir and Simic (unlikely) so that I can make a wonky Chronic Flooding deck.
a discard deck 3-0'd an 8 man pod at FNM, RtR.
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