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I'm looking at the possiblities of building around Goblin Electromancer. The deck I am working on is a casual deck for the Modified format. The best uses seem to be:

[CARD]Talrand's Invocation[/card]
[CARD]Cyclonic Rift[/CARD]
[CARD]Mizzium Mortar[/card]
[CARD]Mana Leak[/card]

This is in no particular order. These are the spells I would like to run alongside him. Would Mizzium Skin be adviseable to protect him...or would Counterspells and Izzet Charm suffice? I think Talrand, Sky Summoner would also be fun to run alongside him. Snapcaster Mage seems like a natural inclusion for such a deck.

Filter cards...Desperate Ravings? Yay or nay? I'm not trying to make him my Wincon; just a tool to play some good spells for cheap.                  

What's the "Modified format"?

Frantic Search is basically like Lotus Petal + Careful Study when you have Electromancer out. Accumulated Knowledge gets a lot better when it only costs one mana too.

Modified is a format including the first Mirrodin block up to the recently released RTR. Any set with the new boarders, basically.

Are you sure you don't mean the Modern format? In that case you can't use Frantic because it's from Urza's, and even if it wasn't it would probably have gotten banned.

I assume this deck will have many instants and play very controlling, if so you can play Mystical Teachings. Fact or Fiction is another great spell that would fight for the same slot. Condescend would be really good. Becoming Force Spike with Scry 2 tacked on and having the versatility at countering things late into the game too.

I think a sweet way to protect Electromancer would be with Ghostly Flicker. It's in no way worth it unless you're playing other creatures with enter the battlefield abilities though. Like Snapcaster Mage! Now that I think about it that's really disgusting.

Aether Vial and Vendillion Clique would probably be really powerful options. The Vial means no spending mana on the few creatures you run and it allows you to sneak them in around counters. The Clique is just a really powerful blue card, and brutal with Flicker. I don't know how "casual" the deck would be at that point though. Spellstutter Sprite is a little tamer, and also good with the Flicker.
Ah, sorry. I'm giving Yu-Gi-Oh a trial run and crossed the games. Fact or Fiction looks like it'd be great with Electromancer. I'll dig up a few Ghostly Flicker. If someone points a Bolt/Doom Blade at Goblin Electromancer, would the Flicker keep him from getting destroyed? I'm not sure about Aether Vial but the Clique seems like it would offer nice disruption with Flicker.
Yup. The Electromancer entering the battlefield isn't the "same" as the Electromancer who left the battlefield. Well, it's the same card, but a different permanent and therefor a different target.
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