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I'm looking for suggestions on building a deck based on two new cards from RtR:
Wild Beastmaster
Korozda Guildmage

The basic strategy behind the deck would be to use the Guildmage to sac creatures with Scavenge to put lots of little tokens creature into play. Sacvenge those sacrificed creatures to beef up the Beastmaster, use the guildmage to give it Intimidate, and attack with a bunch of beefed up little token creatures and the Beastmaster.

The big downside I see to this strategy is that it would be very slow, so I need draw and ramp. And of course a way to protect my Beastmaster so she doesn't get nuked/exiled/destroyed.

Vines of Vastwood and Boar Umbra would be great tools for protecting Beastmaster.

Night's Whisper is some decent draw. You could use Altar's Reap instead if you want another way to sacrifice your creatures. If you want a draw engine then Grim Backwoods and Culling Dais are pretty good.

For on theme ramp there's Heart Warden who goes well with recursion like Entomber Exarch and Tortured Existence. There's also Nest Invader who gives you a Grizzly Bear sized creature and a token to sacrifice, going good with both sac effects and Beastmaster.

And I'd definitely run Putrid Leech. It's amazing with both of the Guildmage's abilities. Either swinging for five damage or making four 1/1s. Great for a two mana creature. 

I like the synergy between those two cards in the OP, however, only the most efficient scavenge creatures are worthy of a deck slot deadbridge goliath and dreg mangler are the only ones I could see in a decklist with those two cards. The others don't seem to provide enough of a body and/or their scavenge costs are too high to seriously consider for even a casual decklist.

Cards like nest invader are going to be better than a card like drudge beetle in a deck like this because 6 mana for a 2/2 boost just isn't good enough and having the extra body to swing with will be a difference maker.

Equipment like lightning greaves will protect wild beastmaster or something like loxodon warhammer will serve as a pump spell. You get both pump and protection from some colors from sword of light and shadow. stonewood invocation has always been one of my favorite save my creature and destroy you at the same time spell. Hang onto that doom blade brother while I attack for 6 pumping all of my creatures by 6.
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the only problem I see with Lightning Greaves is that it give her shroud, which means once it's on her I couldn't scavenge to make her bigger. But, I suppose since its equip cost is 0, I could move it, make her big, and move it back, so long as I have another creature to move it to.

I think slitherhead would be a good addition to the deck, as well as Zanikev Locust, so long as I have a way to discard him, like Grisly Salvage, which would also make Deathrite Shaman decent, to make up for lands going into the graveyard. Sluiceway Scorpion isn't a bad addition either. He's not necessarily good, but he's not a bad choice.

I opened up a worldspine wurm today. He would be an excellent choice for this deck. Get 15 saprolings and 3 wurm tokens.... Only with this deck would sacrificing a 15/15 trample wurm be better than having him on the field. 

You're probably never going to be able to cast Worldspine Wurm.

If you want something that allows you to continue targeting your creatures you could go with Swiftfoot Boots. I think you'd rather just have threats in your deck though, if a creature dies it dies, your deck shouldn't rely on just one creature. And even with affects like Boots you still have to deal with instant speed removal. That's why I suggested multidimensional protection, which is both instant speed and // or brings something else to the table. Sure Boots gives haste, but using it like that makes it a bad Fervor, which is already pretty bad.

If you're playing expensive creatures with more reasonable scavenge costs like Zanikev Locust then cards like Wild Mongrel, Lotleth Troll, and Vampire Hounds become good. Also if you have a bunch of scavenge then Silhana Ledgewalker becomes quite a beating, having both evasion and hexproof already. Basically the green Invisible Stalker.

Consume Strength could be an amazing removal spell in the deck. I've always liked the card anyway. Ichor Slick and Crippling Fatigue are other decent options. Acorn Harvest, Cabal Therapy. Roar of the Wurm, and Sylvan Might all have the potential to be strong, because of their cheap flashback costs.

Well, I don't know what happened here. I posted a response last night, or so I thought, but apparently the internet ate it.

Anyway, you're probably right about the worldspine wurm, but could you imagine saccing it to korozda guildmage or even better, feed the pack one turn, then on the next turn pumping the wild beastmaster with chorus of might and attacking with.. what... the beast master at 20/20, 15 saprolings at 20/20 each, and 3 wurms at 25/25 each? And that's if you have nothing else on the field.

I do like the lotleth troll you suggested, Sleeping, and a lot of your other suggestions are good too, but most of them are barely modern legal, let alone standard, which is what I'm really looking for.

I might even just stick to basic pumps like giant growth and chorus of might to beef up my beastmaster. I could potentially just make it a mono green deck, but I do like the idea of getting lots of small creatures to attack with then beefing up the beastmaster to then beef them up. It seems like what she's made for, and with B/G I can Disentomb, Revive or even sheltering word her to keep her around.

Are there any Standard-legal ways to tutor her? I might be better off just trying to obtain a few more copies. Or Grisly Salvage combined with any of the myriad ways I could return her to my hand from the graveyard might be a decent option.
You said nothing about Standard in your original post. So I was just giving general suggestions.

There's Jarad's Orders to tutor. However, if you're running four in your deck I think Grisly Salvage is a much more powerful option.

You should definitely run Rancor, it's one of the best auras ever and a cheap way to buff the Beastmaster lady. Unfortunately Guildmage cares about toughness instead of power, so it isn't crazy with that.
You're right, and I should have in my first post. I don't really know anybody else who plays yet so the only opportunities I have to play are at FNM tournies, which are either booster drafts or Standard Constructed.

Oh, Rancor is Standard Legal again?  I remember when that first came out, it was one of my favorite cards. I was very into mono-green back then. That would be a very good card to beef up the Beastmaster. I do think I want to grab at least one more copy of her before seriously trying to build this deck, though. And the mage is concerned with toughness, but Death's Presence is concerned with Power. And with that I wouldn't even have to worry about Scavenge, though getting it into play would be troublesome without some serious ramp.

It's so hard to try and narrow down card choices. I mean, granted, I could just build a Golgari deck with the Beastmaster as  a gimmicky "hey let's win this turn" kind of thing, but Golgari Decoy can do the same thing.

Also, for ramp, does Overgrown Tomb count as a Forst card? For example, could I grab one with a Farseek or Ranger's Path
You certainly can Farseek for Overgrown Tomb. That's the reason they printed it instead of Rampant Growth.
Well that certainly makes the mana ramp on this deck much better. I just so happen to have an Overgrown Tomb, a few Ranger's Paths and a Farseek.

I was thinking I might have to resort to Gatecreepers and Axebane Guardians. Granted, if I toss in a few Tresle Trolls for flight defense, the Guardians wouldn't be too bad. And both of them would make decent fodder for the Guildmage or Feed the Pack, once I'm ready to take out my opponent.
I honestly think you should stay out of ramp beyond mana dorks in an aggressive deck like this. Only play stuff like Arbor Elf (who also works with Overgrown Tomb by the way) that you can stick a Rancor on, or buff with scavenge or Beastmaster.
I would try to stay away from defenders if all possible. Wild beastmaster needs you to have plenty of attacking creatures and plan A (make a bunch of saprolings with korozda guildmage and scavenge the creatures) is a situation that you can't always count on. Even if you have 4 guildmage and 4 beastmaster and 4 dreg mangler (probably the best scavenge option for this scenerio) you would need a near perfect draw to pull off something like Turn 1 arbor elf, turn 2 dreg mangler, turn 3 korozda guildmage, turn 4 wild beastmaster, turn 5 sac dreg mangler get 3 saprolings, turn 6 scavenge then swing for 30.

I'm not saying to scrap the idea. The good news is that even though it's a slow process these are all things you're going to want to do anyway. Turn 2 dreg mangler is a pretty awesome threat on it's own and korozda guildmage has a great board presence allowing you to get value out of any targetted removal they try to point at your creatures. The one card that really needs support in this decklist to make it work is wild beastmaster which is pretty bad unless she's put in the right situation (without any pumps she's a 3 man 1/1 with battle cry essentially).

Costs to scavenge 0 mana for 1/1, 3 mana for 2/2 (on less than efficient creatures), 4 mana for 3/3 (on a 6 mana flier), 5 mana for 3/3 (dreg mangler, good card), 6 mana 5/5 (another good card deadbridge goliath. So far the decklist would look something like

4 - arbor elf
4 - slitherhead (not really a great option but I guess not bad for a beastmaster decklist)
4 - korozda guildmage
4 - dreg mangler
4 - deadbridge goliath
4 - wild beastmaster
1 - golgari decoy (not big on him but he can help to push through damage since wild beastmaster doesn't provide trample)

That is already 24 creatures which is basically what you want for a decklist like this. You can mess with the numbers a bit if you want strangleroot geist or some other efficient beaters. Maybe something that gives you multiple bodies like spider spawning or moan of the unhallowed, or Garruk if you have him.

Beyond that you might want some removal like golgari charm (though less good due to all the 1/1 creatures you're playing but there is some versatility), or some grisly salvage, or some pump like rancor in case you don't have the mana to scavenge.

I hope I'm not coming off mean, there is just so many different directions you could go with this deck. You could go beatdown with dryad militant, strangleroot geist, and rakdos cackler to make wild beastmaster a big finisher with some cheap pump spells like rancor or giant growth but that would exclude the scavenge theme which is slower to set up. Also you could go more of a "rock" style deck which is slower and could make good use of the scavenge mechanic but wouldn't really use a card like wild beastmaster all that much. The cards seem to have good synergy guildmage, beastmaster, scavenge but the decklist plays out so slowly I fear that it won't be fun even for casual games..... I guess it depends on your group. How much mass removal do you guys play?
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Yeah, while it seems like a really cool idea, the whole thing will be much too slow to actually get off. I think the Wild Beastmaster really belongs more in a deck full of other weenies and pump spells like Rancor and Giant Growth
I think it's fine to play Beastmaster, you just have to focus on an aggressive creature base and ignore things like Death's Presence.
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