10/8/2012 Feature: A Fantasy Come True

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This thread is for discussion of the feature article "A Fantasy Come True", which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

You lost me at the F-word.  (Facebook.)
Sounds like fun! Too bad you have to use facebook...
This amuses me. I think I would probably prefer a block-constructed draft though because then you are looking at a completely unexplored vista of options (but not a large sample size of games).

Sadly for me though, I don't think I have any friends who share my love of fantasy card games and fantasy sports leagues. 

Also, drafting a line-up for the standard enviroment would be cool. I might set something up where PTQs count as the games and you can have the waiver wire and such to pick-up cards as new archtypes emerge.
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Moriok Rigger does absolutely nothing to boost other riggers. You are incorrect.
Moriok Rigger is not a Rigger in print. Only in Errata WHAT NOW! (yes, I did put that phrase in for that exact reason)
Congratulations, they have activated your trap card!
Still doesn't work on Mac Safari.  I have to use Firefox to do it.

I stuck some fairly arbirary choices in - I don't play Modern.  Fillibuster is a top deck now right? 
Sounds like fun! Too bad you have to use facebook...

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All I'm saying is, I don't really see how she goes around petrifying swords and boots and especially mirrors. How the heck does she beat a Panoptic Mirror? It makes no sense for artifacts either. Or enchantments, for that matter. "Well, you see, Jimmy cast this spell to flood the mountain, but then the gorgon just looked at the water really hard and it went away."
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