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okay so i am pretty new to magic the gathering and i am not very good at it as of yet but i was wondering if someone could mentor me and help me get better
Remember that you're less likely to actually play expensive cards.

Remember also that the point of the game is to keep your life total above 0, not at 20.
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I highly recommend finding your Friendly Local Gaming Store that does Friday Night Magic (FNM) and talking to the people there. You will learn a lot more a lot faster from playing games against other real people than you will from any other source. Personally I have played Magic for 6 years or so, but only got into FNM in the last year. I improved more in the first couple months of playing at FNM than in the five years before that combined.
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It may be difficult to mentor someone in a forum setting. There is a lot of great material on playing MtG written by Professional MtG players if you do some googling on the internet. If you want answers to specific questions that is where the forums can help extremely well. If you want help constructing a decklist visit the "deck help" forums. There are many forumites who will not only help you with a decklist but they'll budgetize it to your budget and offer advice on how to play it and sideboard options. If you ask I'm sure they'll try to explain why certain cards are "better" than others.

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The other danger with pulling information from a general forum is that you have literally no idea whether or not people you're talking to have any idea what they're talking about. For instance I could get into a debate with another poster on whether or not Vraska the Unseen is a worthwhile inclusion in a Jund Control deck. It's possible you'd then agree with my position, even though I've never built such a deck and the other poster may have tested it heavily against a large variety of other decks.

Similarly, I can claim that I regularly win my local FNM with a deck based on Pillarfield Ox and Amphin Cutthroat despite that obviously being false.

Point is: We're generally knowledgeable here, but some posters really, really aren't, and even those that are may not be knowledgeable about a specific subject and you have no way of knowing which is which. At least in person you can play a few games to get an idea about what sort of a Magic player a person is.
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In addition to what Dragon said, there is a huge VARIETY of diff types of players here. MTG can be played in many styles, from casual fun, to casual competitive, to cutthroat you-must-die-because-that-prize-is-mine competitive. There are many different philosophies that you'll get suggestions from in the forums.

For example: Some would say that the cardPlague Wind is a fine card, to be included in many diff deck strategies. While others would tell you that it's worthless in any deck, because of it's prohibitive mana cost. Some players would say that it's fine to sit back and play a defensive game for a couple of rounds before dropping that Johnny bomb, just as long as you stay alive, without regard to what your opponent(s) are doing, while others would say that you must be reacting and dealing with whatever your opponent(s) are doing from the get go and be moving towards a win from turn 1.

My point is, the info you get here may or may not help you become a better player. It may just confuse you.
Play a lot and experiment, that's really the best advice I can give.  There is some good information in the forums, there is a lot more questionable joking though.
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