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I see several GW decks that revolve around tokens and/or blinking, but with the new available fatties from RtR the Timmy in me can't help but try to make a semi-viable deck that just ramps into the biggest creatures it possibly can.

Land: 22
4 Temple Garden
4 Sunpetal Grove
10 Forest
4 Plains

Creatures: 25
4 Avacyn's Pilgrim
4 Arbor Elf
4 Scorned Villager
4 Armada Wurm
3 Elderscale Wurm
4 Sigarda, Host of Herons
2 Craterhoof Behemoth

Other Spells: 15
4 Farseek
3 Gilded Lotus
4 Selesnya Keyrune
4 Mana Bloom

It's pretty one-track and I think the biggest problems will be board wipes, of which there will be plenty. I was going for Worldspine Wurm to replace itself, but I lose most of my mana acceleration. I thought about replacing some early creatures with Selesnya Keyrune and/or Chromatic Lantern to help work around that. If there are other viable options for green and/or white creatures to help with board wipes, I'm all ears (except for Thragtusk).
Maybe put some Craterhoof Behemoths in the deck. They don't survive board wipes but at least they have Haste so they have an immediate impact. I'd also say replace the Vessel of Endless Rest with the Selesnya Keyrune

The biggest problem with a deck like this is that it can be quite slow, thus vulnerable to fast aggressive decks. Maybe run some Centaur Healers in the sideboard to help out against aggro, I know it doesn't fit the theme of the deck and doesn't really synergize with the rest of the deck but the lifegain and being able to stop 2/x creatures and trade with most 3/x creatures will help out. But then again I suppose you can get a turn 3 Armada Wurm out and that kind of helps against aggro lol.
Craterhoof can actually make for an interesting sideboard option. Side out the Wurms, add Craterhoof, and overrun with mana dorks. I think one or two in the main also isn't a bad idea. Also, agreed on Keyrune over Vessel.
too much jank and not enough best card in standard

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Made some changes, see OP. The ramp was too inconsistent so I replaced Gatecreeper Vine, Somberwald Sage, and Axebane Guardian with Selesnya Keyrune, Rampant Growth, and Vessel of Endless Rest. On turn three I can reliably have five mana and approx. 50% of the time have six mana so I'm removing Worldspine Wurm in favor of Sigarda.
Rampant growth is not standard, I'd replace with ranger's path which will be able to get your gardens.
Farseek can get the temple gardens because they also count as a plains. I think you far too much ramp. I would increase the land count to 24 and cut the vessels of endless rest to increase your creature count to at leaat 24. Without adequate removal you will need to rely on creature combat to take guys out. Also maybe try 4 call of the conclave.... A 3/3 centaur for two mana is sweet. And for board wipers, not much you can do about terminus, but Rootborn Defenses helps keep your creatures alive through a Supreme Verdict or a Bofire of the Damned. I have three in my Naya decks sideboard just for such reasons.
You could also consider adding Druids' Repository and Entreat the Angels, both of which could go a long way
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Ranger's Path is too slow. The idea right now is to ramp into a turn 3 Sigarda or Armada Wurm. The deck does need some sort of removal, but so far I've just been able to take the first few turns of damage and then overwhelm my opponent. Keyrunes work well as an early blocker if needed and pressure post board wipe which completely screws me in some cases.

Rampant Growth and Abundant Growth will be coming out. Rampant Growth is definitely what the decks needs, but is no longer in Standard. Abundant Growth has been underperforming, though the card draw is nice. I'm replacing them with Scorned Villager and Mana Bloom. The villagers should work out just fine, though not as good as Arbor Elf or Pilgrim, and Mana Bloom is somewhat of an experiment right now to see if dumping mana into it 2nd or 3rd turn can lead to Sigarda or Armada Wurm the following turn.
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