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I wanted to utilise Corpsejack Menace to bring undying creatures back even stronger than before.

Currently I don't have Overgrown Tombs, however I am trying to acquire some.

Undying creatures:
Young Wolf - nice 1 drop, not amazing, but still good. Was thinking of having Deathrite Shaman instead.[c]Strangleroot Geist - aggressive 2 drop that has been very useful in the past. Good target for Rancor
Geralf's Messenger - despite coming into play tapped forces opponent to lose life

Sac engines:
Bloodflow Connoisseur - gains +1/+1 counters for each creature you sac. Originally I had Bloodthrone Vampire instead of this, however the Connoisseur's ability to add +/1+1 counters seemed to fit the deck better.
Jarad - with all the +1/+1 counters Jarad's sac ability can potentially lead to a lot of life loss.
Altar's Reap - Card advantage, also sac effect at instant speed that isn't affected by detain effects.

Blood Artist - with the high number of creatures dying the life drain effect should be triggered a lot.
Corpsejack Menace - doubles +1/+1 counters
Dreg Mangler - very aggressive and can pump other creatures once dead
Stab Wound - either removes a small creature or weakens a larger creature and helps drain your opponent

I did think of using Champion of Lambholt instead of Geralf's Messenger, with Corpsejack Menace on the battlefield Champion of Lambholt can potentially grow very quickly allowing your creatures to attack unblocked. Also a great scavenge target. The down side is the Champion is an easy removal target.

Critique and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Just gave a lot of advice to a deck similar to yours, willl link below. Maybe you can help him out too. He had some good ideas (like adding Gavony Township and a single rouge's passage) and it might give you some ideas for your deck.

As for your deck, I don't like Key Rune. Just don't like most of them in general. Same with Altar Reap, though in this sorta deck it isn't so bad.
Your deck is also playing a really dangerous mana game, with Strangleroot Geist and Geralf's Messenger. I assume you know about the shocklands and left them out due to budget, but doing so you have to keep in consideration the liklihood of having double green AND double black reliabliy enough to cast Strangleroot Geist, Geralf's Messenger, and Jarad Subway Lord.



Thanks for your advice,

I'm trying to get Overgrown Tombs, I already have one but need another 3. If I can get them i was going to replace 4 basic lands with them. Hopefully that would help the mana base. The reason I added the Keyrunes originally was to help with the mana, if I can get the Tombs I'll probably remove the Keyrunes in favor of something else.

Not sure whether to keep Geralf's Messenger or replace him with another 3 drop (potentially Champion of Lambholt.

Thanks for the link, I'll check that out.
Here's the updated deck list:

I did also think about Deathrite Shaman instead of Slitherhead but stuck with Slitherhead due to the +1/+1 counters theme.

I'm also tempted to replace Altar's Reap with Bone Splinters to add a bit more removal to the deck. Alternatively replace it with Hunger of the Howlpack, as the sac engines should be enough to trigger Morbid.

I like the idea of Gavony Township but not sure the best way to splash white.
I used only Temple Garden to power Gavony Township as it was the only splash in the deck.
the obvious question is why play this over zombies?  this doesn't seem that strong.  zombies seems strictly better

otherwise, i'd take this into a more midrange deck and play more value dudes and less janky undying things. 

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