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So recently, Tich and CadB helped me with a Chains of Mephistopheles deck.  It works very well and it is a combo that can be broken (I'm happy to say).  They didn't so much build the deck as provide an epiphany to make it very fun. 

Thanks guys.

Now I have another idea that I'm sure the community can help me with here, or at least augment.  I will use only white cards to draw and base a win off of.  It will be  (sort of and by sort of I mean as well).

For starters, I have my engine.  It doesn't have a key to get it going, but it will.  Bear with me, this will be a work in progress.

Pursuit of Knowledge
Faith's Reward (usually after the cost on Pursuit has been paid, in response to)

The idea is to provide a starter for the deck and a win con.

Happy brewing!



P.S.  No eggs in this deck please.
The only thing that comes to my mind is a Lifegain deck with Soul Warden variants. Draw could be Well of Lost Dreams, Survival Cache or Mentor of the Meek. You'd basically just play Soul Sisters, gain life, maybe Martyr of Sands it up, and ultimately win off of a Test of Endurance or something. Faith's Reward is good against Wraths since having a bunch of Soul Sisters come into play at the same time is very nice. It also recurs Martyrs and your Pursuits obv. You could also win with Serra Ascendant and/or Felidar Sovereign too, or even just get in there with creature beats and equipment. Depends on hoe casual/competitive you want to be. Words of Worship could even get in there in case you ever want life instead of cards.
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Yeah, absolutely Well of Lost Dreams and Mentor of the Meek. Besides Mind's Eye, they're probably the best consistent card draw we could hope for in white.
If you splashed green, the traditional Pursuit of Knowledge combo is with Sylvan Library. Have to say those two next to Faith's Reward could be pretty nuts.
If you're gaining metric gobloads of life, and you have lots of mana to boot, Storm Herd might be worth a shout too.
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I am going to stay away from life gain in this deck as a principle.  I have a way of making creatures and, to some extent, a half-assed winning condition.  Still brainstorming.

  I think I have the core of the deck decided on:

  Decree of Justice
  Mentor of the Meek - good suggestion!
  Solemn Simulacrum  

  Pursuit of Knowledge
  Faith's Reward    

Edit: Removed Voucher.  Simulacrum and Mentos is good enough. 

If you wanted to, you could add some proliferate artifacts such as Contagion Engine or Contagion Clasp to really spike the level of counters on the Pursuit of Knowledge, then put out something like a Psychosis Crawler and remove them all to kill your opponent by drawing cards.
Alright, I think I found your key:

Ashnod's Altar

Here's how it works:

use either Lotus Bloom or Lotus Petal(I'd use Bloom). Play some guys, then play Ashnod's Altar. Use something like Conjurers Bauble or something else to get your Faith's Reward into your Library. Then, you sac all your guys, getting  each time. Then you play the reward, getting all your guys back into play, including your baulbles and Blooms. choose to have the Mentor enter first, then he will "see" all the other creatures. You use the mana you made with the creatures to pay for the card draw, with the rest used to play any more creatures you draw. You use the Blooms to generate colored mana ( obviously). Rinse and repeat until you get enough for that Decree you've always dreamed of.

Also note, I love Decree, but if you want to use this deck for Single Player, you can swap the Decrees for Inquisitor Exarch.
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The great land debate:
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Zendikar had fetchlands, and Worldwake had manlands. What are the new Scars duals called?
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Explosive Peanut Lightning lands. Well, that's just what I call them.
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i'm just trying to figure out what the point of saying this is. it's just really random.
And so the pot met the kettle.
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