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i have been plaing magic for some time now and have developed an interest in modern as a format. i have noticed that the field is quite diverse and is open for many new deck ideas. i have seen the carrion feeder zombie deck in legacy have a decent amount of success and have tried creating a similar deck in modern. the list i present is not a polished list and needs alot of adjusting and fine tuning. the list is as follows:

4*bloodstained mire
4*marsh flats
2*overgrown tomb
3*dragonskull summit

3*blood artist
4*viscera seer
4*diregraf ghoul

4*liliana of the veil
4*faithless looting
4*abrupt decay 

i chose mutavault over other man lands because it can act as a zombie which helps reanimate gravecrawler. blood artist make use of the seer's scrying ability and puts opponents under pressure when dealing with creatures. gravecrawler and bloodghast are continuous threats. diregraf ghoul is a one drop 2/2 zombie which helps reanimate gravecrawler and tarmogoyf turn enormous extremely fast in this deck. liliana helps me gain card advantage in my hand as i can reanimate the crawlers and ghasts while my opponents are losing a card in most cases. thoughtseize helps me strip my opponents hand of threats. faithless looting helps me find answers to problems and loads my graveyard up with crawlers and ghasts and abrupt decay is extremely versitile in modern as it cant be countered and most permanents in the format are under 3 mana. i have also looked at cards like vengevine, nantuko shade, scarland thrinax, geralf's messenger and genesis chamber but am still undecided on whether to add them in or not. i am also looking for cards that do similar things to the likes of goblin bombardment and carrion feeder. 

any ideas on possible inclusions or general advice on the deck would be much appreciated. 
first of all, scratch the mires :P onslaught is not a valid modern set. second of all why not run some withered wretch (control) & chiefs
lol good call on the mires lol. yes i've considered wretch as sideboard material. i find chief is a little too slow. loleth troll is anothr consideration

yea he is pretty slow and easy to remove, i always perfered zombies as a casual deck though and not stable enough for tournament play. Lotleth troll would be really fun with zombie apoc though :P and with green speed apoc would be pretty fast to play on top of having a huge beatstick
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