Ibatath/Thepa World Building Requesting a Partner

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I have been searching for one or two parties that might be interested in world building.  When I attempted to locate folks in the past, I did not give out much information.  I failed locating what I truly desire.  So what follows is a brief summary of what I am looking for and what I have to offer:

I want to create a world based on Justin Alexander’s observations.


This world would be the re-emergence of civilizations after a cataclysmic event.  The event would have happened thousands of years prior and would have wiped out 90% of the planet.  It would have forced humanoids towards water.  This new world would just be entering the age of exploration.  They have gone pass the hunter-gatherer, pass the iron age, and working towards the knowledge age.

The world before was deep into the knowledge age.  It has artifacts, relics, massive structures, deep crypts, etc.  It has just not been touched for those thousands of years and all of the information about these areas and the past is legend or in a few ancient books.

By making this world, we offer the opportunity to live in a realistic civilization with the promise of unknown treasures and powers, making the player characters super-human.

Few adventurers will be in the world, most people are still working for a living.  This makes the player characters special.  This type of world structure brings back a world I have long missed, Oerth.  For those of you not familiar with Greyhawk, it was a world that demi-gods walked.  They spent their time mingling with the populations of the world.  I realize that Greyhawk still exists in revisions but it is not the same as the first edition gaming, which brings me to my third point.

I want to create this world with Pathfinder.  I want to have 3-4 areas in the world that are separated by seas, oceans, deserts, or mountains.  Those areas will have civilizations that adapted to their areas.  We will be able to tweak common races and even introduce new ones, giving multiple areas to explore and many more roleplaying opportunities.  The Race Guide from Paizo is a wonderful book.  I would like to utilize that text.

When we do create these races and their areas, I want to spend a significant amount of time adding in details that most may not even consider.  The example I am going to use is Drizzt Do’Urden and his first three books.  The noble houses did not use stairs, they were able to levitate.  This tiny idea brings to life the houses.  I want to fully explore these types of ideas and try to build unique and incredible areas.

I have two specific requests for anyone who wishes to work with me.  First, you need to work on this project daily, even if it is just 15 minutes to jot down ideas or respond to posts.  It is imperative to respond to another’s thoughts as the banter brings new ideas.

Secondly when you join, you join as a partner.  I am not looking to be the final say.  I want someone that feels his work is an equal share.  I want you vested.  Please do not respond if you are not seriously interested.

This project is intended to be for personal use but if things work out well, I would not be opposed to publication.