WotC: your links in Dragon #416 are BROKEN

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WotC, please fix the links to the Eye on the Realms and the Eye on Eberron articles in Dragon #416.

They currently point to LAST MONTH'S articles.

The links shouldn't work until Dragon 416 is release but i agree they definitly deploy the last article. I have a feeling the Eyes of may become column like the most recent Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard.

FYI according to the latest Dragon/Dungeon News, Wizards announced that they’re trying an experiment in October by releasing all of our subscription content in two collected issues, rather than posting individual articles throughout the month. Subscribers can download the entire issues of Dragon 416 and Dungeon 207 once they’re posted.

Things still aren't fixed.
CustServ advised  Ticket [#121006-000060]
And we all know when the collected issues will be released: the first day of the following month but with the date on the website backdated by one day.
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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