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So, I'm not much of a standard player. I had an interesting idea for a casual mono black homicidal seclusion deck, though. But when I started making it, it turned into a standard (Mainly for the Dryad Militant promo for Game day). I was curious as to how to make it a little more competitive/tight.

The list looks like sort of like this (I don't have my deck on me -- it's at school)

demonic taskmaster x4
grim roustabout x2
knight of infamy x2
wandering wolf x2 
diregraf ghoul X1
tormented soul x1
highborn ghoul x2 (I think?)

homicidal seclusion x4
predator's gambit x4
rancor x2
abundant growth x4

farseek x1
prey upon x2
Victim of night x1
essence harvest x1

golgari keyrune x1

And one random card I can't think of.

Either way, that's the basic of the deck. I'm getting 2 more rancors and 3 more farseeks, so the deck has the ability to ramp.

As far as actual play goes, I plan on taking a couple of murders from some stuff I have and my abrupt decay out of my cube to use, along with overgrown tombs. 

I played the deck a bit, and I won every time. However, it still feels slow. I feel like I need card draw. Is sign in blood good enough? I'm not gonna sink money into this, because truth be told I don't care that much.

I also think that my creatures need to be better/faster? I'm never too happy when I draw into creatures that like to be on the field at once, like highborn ghouls in mass, ect. But I don't want my only 6 creatures to be Demonic taskmaster and Knight of infamy.

Any suggesitons?

If your trying to build a deck that's based around homicidal seclusion u want to have one creature out at a time.the key runes are a great addition for this strategy.i would sugject focusing on things like that.with a lot of removel.and Mabey running the exalted land from m13.to get the max from attacking with one creature
I've wanted to make a Homicidal Seclusion deck that could play in Standard FNMs since it came out, but my favored nominee for the deck, Inkmoth Nexus, is as good as rotated out. However, loki is right about keyrunes. Rakdos Keyrune seems ideal. I'm not really sure why you have the creatures you have other than Knight and Taskmaster, some of those plus some Keyrunes seems ideal. Throw in some more disruption in the form of spot and mass removal, other meta-hate. Off the top of my head, if I were to make the deck it would look like this:

Lands seem to want approximately a 3:2:1 ratio (Black:Red:Green), ideally hitting on turn 2-3 for Sign in Blood and turn 3-4 for Annihilating Fire. Mortars might be a little greedy. This is a list more biased towards a control style of play, but that's just me. I might also do it more heavily black, with just a green splash or just a red splash, so as to be able to play Mutilate.
So, the deck list above looks good, but I don't have the money to buy 4 thragtusks, mortarts, ect. 

So, I can cut my access creatures for keyrunes I can get from my friends, and I have some other stuff lying around. I'll do my best.

Also, I have 2 golgari charms in my sideboard. More/less/good? 
The new 4 cmc Demon seems good here.
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