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Another M13 card to rate...

Trumpet Blast


5.0: First pick no matter what pack.
4.5: First pick pack 1.
4.0: I will strongly consider playing this as the only card of its color.
3.5: I feel a strong pull into this card’s color.
3.0: This card makes me want to play this color.
2.5: Several cards of this power level start to pull me to this color.
2.0: Should generally make the deck if in this color.
1.5: Decent filler.
1.0: 23rd card if you have to.
0.5: This card will sometimes be sideboarded in.
0.0: I will never put this card into my deck (main deck or after sideboarding).

I'm not a fan of Trumpet Blast.  I just really dislike that it only hits attacking creatures.  Thankfully they've fixed that problem in Return to Ravnica.


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Definitely not a fan. 1.0
I'll go 1.5 on this.

I can't see anyone running more than 1, but in a deck that is on the token plan like W/R this card can pull out a win.  Still, you're going to end up taking this card late, but it can make the main-deck.
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Usually a 1 but in a weenie rush deck probably a 2.  I have played decks with 2 of these MD and in those types of deck they are immense.

If you're building a well-curved deck, this could easily add 10 damage to an attack. And that's if you hit curve, it doesn't include the above mentioned white weenie deck. I love me some combat tricks. 

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The other day my pretty bomby RG aggro suffered its only loss to a trumpet blast deck featuring 4x Krenko's Command and 2x Captain's call.Cry 
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I'm going to say it is a 1. But it's one of those 1s that's more like 2 in the decks it belongs in and a 0 other places.
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