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If I'm using [C]Chandra, the Firebrand[/C]'s -6 ability, could I feasibly target the same player/creature six times?
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No, each target must be different.

The same target can't be chosen multiple times for any one instance of the word "target" on a spell or ability.
For contrast, look at [C]Arc Lightning[/C] and [C]Seeds of Strength[/C]
Okay. Let's say there are only 4 targets available, do the last two hits fizzle, or can Chandra not use that ability?

Also, if Chandra is one of those 4 would she have to be one of the targets, or could the player choose to deal damage to themselves instead?
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it says "up to"
you simply target 4 in that case

also, you can't target planeswalkers with it, so you normally cannot target Chandra anyway
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I think I know the answer for this, but I want to make sure.

So let's say one of the target players has a planeswalker, the ability targets the player, but Chandra's caster could choose to deal that damage to the planeswalker instead?
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Yes, this works for any noncombat damage, provided that Chandra and the targeted player are opponents.

Here's the full rule:
306.7. If noncombat damage would be dealt to a player by a source controlled by an opponent, that opponent may have that source deal that damage to a planeswalker the first player controls instead. This is a redirection effect (see rule 614.9) and is subject to the normal rules for ordering replacement effects (see rule 616). The opponent chooses whether to redirect the damage as the redirection effect is applied.
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