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so I was curious what the oldest design of mine still existed in YMtC, so I went to the search function. fortunately, I sign all my posts with a smilie, so I went to search for that, figuring it would get me a list of all my posts, mix in with whichever other posts people made with it. but mine should probably dominate.

anyway, that's just background information. my main issue came when I actually performed said search. first, it gave me 30533 pages of results. that seemed a bit high. then I went to the last page, figuring I'd have to skip ahead a bit, but it'd be a good starting point. I was greeted with this:

Sorry, no Forum Posts were found matching "".

I skip a couple pages, same thing. I go up to the URL and manually skip ahead to page 20k. same thing. 15k. same thing. 10k. 9k. 8k. 7k. I get down to 1k, still nothing. I start going by hundreds, 900, 800, 700, finally, at 300 I get results. they look familiar, and very few involve me, which is odd. anyway, I skip a bit back, going to page 350. gone. 340. nothing. 330, results again. I'll spare you the rest, but the last page of actual results was 334, or approximately 1% of the way into what it told me there was.

but that's not the end of it. do you want to see the oldest post in YMtC to contain the smilie? here. now, the issues with that result are somewhat complicated, but I'll break it down for you guys: it's from three weeks ago and doesn't have in it anywhere.

also, as a bonus, if I just search for "duel", no colons, I get 898 pages (less than the number I get if I add more characters) while the actual results don't start until page 334, but it does seem to only find correct results. however, it calls this the oldest post with it in YMtC. couple problems. first of all, this, in the same thread. second problem, Rush found this using google, over two years older and still on the forums.

not sure what my question is, just want to bring this information up in the ever growing list of obvious problems that will probably never be solved.

120.6. Some effects replace card draws.
the search function is useless but you can search for your own posts by going HOME -> Forums (on the left sidebar) -> My Posts
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This definitely doesn't mean what you think it means.
I was referring to the painting The Treachery of Images.
I know.