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My biggest interest in mtg is the philosophy of the five colors, which without the game would lack flavor. So this thread is to see your individual ideas of what each color represents and why you may align yourself to a particular color.

In my eyes the five colors go like this...

: Fascism (For everyone to follow a strict set of ethics)
: Omniscience (To learn everything regardless of the price)
: Narcissism (To do whatever it takes to benefit the self)
: Anarchy (To be absolutely free and do as you please)
: Primitive (To live by the laws of nature and pure instinct)
This si feeling like a Flavor and Storyline thread, not a Design and Devolpment thread.
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I agree, this feels like a flavour discussion.

Personality-wise, I'm strongly white and secondarily blue. This is not at all fascistic (I hope?). So I'd say that the key elements of white for me are law and order (believing that society works best when people follow the rules), rationality (believing it's possible to have sensible rules that can work), community (believing society works best when individuals willingly give up some of their resources for the good of the group), and suchlike.

Don't judge white-blue by the Azorius: although they're opposed to advancement, remember that the concept of progress is also white-blue (Talisman of Progress's cycle is great for identifying colour-pairs' philosophies).

Obviously white does have its fascistic, militiaristic and cultic sides too, but I don't think they're primarily what white's about, certainly not as far as being the single one word chosen to sum white up.