Easy orcs

Last night I ran a group of 5 characters against 15 orcs, the orc leader and the orog. 

The orcs were constantly raging and missed a VAST majority of the time. I had maybe 6 hits in the 7 round combat. I was even giving all monsters +2 per some reccomendations from the boards. The disadvantage rage mechanic seemed pretty harsh. I dont think the characters were too challeneged, although they did use the majority of their resources because of the number of opponents. Only 1 characters was close to death at any point. 

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Yes, rage is a fairly terrible option, tactically speaking.  Still, with a little bit of luck early on, the whole encounter could have swung the other way.

What level were the PCs?

The metagame is not the game.

As I and others have demonstrated, Advantage gives a slight increase in likelyhood to hit as only the highest dice roll matters. As long as one dice hits the DC you succeed. Disadvantage on the other hand requires both dice to hit the DC. What this means is that at significantly higher DC's your chance of hitting drops dramatically. The probability to hit takes a nose dive once you require two dice instead of one.

Where this comes into play with orcs is that you can only use the rage mechanic rarely during combat (unless you are attacking a poor unfortunate wizard). With disadvantage you will rarely succeed hitting a DC above 15 (the higher the bonus to attack with goes, the more likely you are to hit at any give DC), which means using the rage mechanic means your orks are likely never going to hit the groups fighter and other similarly armered individuals.

When running orks, you really have to stick to only one or two orks per round using the rage mechanic, and the rest ignoring it. Realistically however you should just ignore the rage mechanic. Without a high attack bonus you will probably never hit before your orc is killed, as shown by the fact you only hit six times.