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I really enjoyed the solo Beholder mission that was put together on this forum.  So much so that I came up with few ideas of other solo missions.

1.  Bone Devil and Lemures
2.  Efreet OR Fire Giant and Salamanders

I haven't fleshed out the mechanics of either but was hoping someone would help, of course if they thought it was a good idea.

For example, maybe the Bone Devil could deploy with two Lemures, and then deploy another within 5 squares every turn, for maybe up to 4 turns (so total of 6 Lemures). 

I'll give the AI a shot but could use some ideas/help.
 Only miniatures I have on hand are the ones from the D&D Adventure Board sets (Wrath of Ashardalon, Castle Ravenloft, and Legend of Drizzt). 
 Those have a few good ideas in them as well. Heck, there are three dragons right there.
I came up with this one while watching TV.  Scenario named after an oldie but a goodie, Hall of the Fire Giant King...

Scenario: Hall of the Fire Giant King

Setup: You set up the board the way you normally would (either with two set of tiles per normal or, if you only have one Dungeon Command set, then set up the tiles as outlined in the “Your First Game” section on page 5 of the rules).  You start in your starting area and the Fire Giant, flanked by two Hell Hounds starts in its starting area, per the appropriate rules.

Game Play: The game proceeds as it normally does however the Fire Giant/Hell Hounds follow a simple AI that is detailed below the description of the creatures.

Fire Giant King

Level 8
HP: 160
Melee: 40 [Great Sword], Ranged 20 (10) [Boulder]
Speed: 8
Reach 2

Special Attack
Cleave – Melee attack hits target creature and one other adjacent creature.

Special Abilities:
Immune to Fire

Heavy Armor – Minus 10 damage per source

Hell Hound

Level 3
HP: 40
Melee: 20 [Bite], Ranged 10 (5) [Fire Breath]
Speed: 8

Special Abilities:
Immune to Fire

Creature AI:

Fire Giant will remain back and use ranged attacks if possible, targeting ranged enemies within LOS first, and then switching to non ranged threats. 

Hell Hounds will remain at Fire Giants side but will charge ranged enemies within LOS of Fire Giant and use Fire Breath at range 5.  If ranged threat is eliminated Hell Hounds will return to the side of Fire Giant.

If the Fire Giant or Hell Hounds are attacked in melee, they will return melee attacks.

That is it.  I haven't tried it yet but it sounded good!  I don't have those miniatures but will try it at some point with some substitutes.    
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