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I am running a home campaign for my family. When I asked my wife (who has never played) what kind of PC she wanted, she responded, “A princess ninja assassin!” Umm… Ok. I can make that work.


Here is what I have so far. I am running the Keep on the Shadowfell with the FR adaptation. Her PC is a Changeling Assassin. And the bones of the story goes like this.


She was born into a very secretive assassin guild of changelings. They were commissioned to assassinate an Emperor. The guild murdered the Emperor’s daughter. My wife’s PC was the assassin selected to replace the princess and get close to the Emperor. While in the palace she fell in love with the family and could not kill the Emperor when it was time to carry out the mission. Now she is on the run from her former guild.


Now I need to flesh out the story. But I need help with the details. I figure her PC originates from Nathlan, or maybe even Kara-Tur. More recently from the suburb of Marsember, Xiousing.


Any Ideas on the details?  Which kingdom was the target? Which kingdom hired the guild? Anything at all would be helpful. 

Nathlan is inhabitaed by those from KAra-tur

the emporer deal might be a problem....

  you might have to chose one of the ones from KAra-tur or make up a lord and use him instead.

a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
I dont know much about Kara-Tur, so looked up the wiki:

Since Ninjas are a Japanese thing, either Wa or Kozakura seems to make the most sense.

I'd probably set it up like this:  The Emperor is mostly a ceremonial position, but wishes to gain true power away from the shogun.  To this end, the Emperor has hired the assassins guild to eliminate the shogun.  The assassins guild sees an opportunity to become the true rulers as the power behind the throne by replaing his daughter with one of their own agents, your wife.

They kidnap/assassinate the emperor's daughter, and replace her with the changeling assassin.  The assassin though, sees that the emperor is evil and sadisitc, and would be far worse then the Shogun, and that the assassins will not be able to control him as they suspect, so the assassin refuses to carry out her mission to eliminate the shogun, and give the emperor true power.

When she betrays them, the assassins guild tells the Emperor that the changeling was acting alone, and was attempting to assassinate /him/.  The Emperor knows that the changeling has information that could implicate him in plotting to overthrow the shogun.  So both the guild, and the emperor have reason to want to hunt the changeling down, and she'll have to evade agents from both.  To avoid most of them, she's fled into the west where the likelyhood of running into imperial or guild agents is small...but you just never know.
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